EMINENT PERSIANS: Henry Dallal Official photographer of Queen Elizabeth II

Henry Dallal is as passionate about his travels, as he is in sharing his photography of these places with others. Specializing in equine cultures and pageantry from around the world, he travels to remote areas to pursue his interests in mountaineering, adventure and experiencing different cultures.

Originally from Iran where he was born in 1955, Henry moved to London from Colorado in 1994. Developing his interest in mountaineering and man’s companionship with horses, Henry’s journeys range from the nomadic tribes of the Turkaman Steppes to the Household Cavalry in Knightsbridge.

His father gave him his first camera at age 9 during an outing in the mountains of Iran, and his mother taught him how to ride a horse in those early years. His work has been featured and reviewed in publications all over the world. All of Henry’s photography is done as he sees it without digital manipulation. His prints are high quality archival cibachromes using traditional photography.

About Queen’s photo: Henry Dallal has been commissioned to photograph Her Majesty The Queen on a number of occasions, including here for the opening of the Household Cavalry Museum at Horse Guards. The museum was opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 2007, and has a number of Henry’s photographs permanently presented.

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