The death of my daughter, the Taraneh (voice or song) of Iran

My daughter Taraneh, the Taraneh of Iran
My Taraneh does not sing any more, she does not say any poem any more, she does not act the words nicely for me any more, she does not read the poem of Molavi and Khayaam any more. I do not listen to sound of her music playing the piano any more. They destroyed her, like thousand of other Taraneh of Iran. Our daughters were killed cruelty by the ignorant, sick people, who wanted money, huge of billions of dollars and obedience of people regardless what they do. My brother said in the time that he was students in Europe and USA any where he goes; he sees a street name by Khayaam or Romie. He was proud to be Iranian from the land of these poems. But now the students in Europe or USA say, the people say your government is ignorant cruel and greedy.


They took billions of dollars and put in our banks as deposits. And they do not use these monies for your people. You see if the people are nice and work for the humanity, their name stays for ever, even in other countries.
My brother told me; in the time that he was student in Germany, their professor said you are from Iran the land of Khayaam and Hafez, the land of the great Molavi Rummy. You come from their land. These people were thousand years ahead of the history. But now they say, you have stupid dictators in your countries. They are simple people, who know only eating and making sex. They cannot understand about philosophy of Khayaam or Sadi, they do not understand Attar or Nezami. They are uneducated people; they do not understand Baba Taher, Abide Zakanie, Manucheri, Ferdowsi, and Bozorgmehr.


They did not read their work, you see we know these people and we read their works, but the dictators do not. Because they think, they are better and they do not need education. I am sorry that your dictators are so stupid now. But I know our government wants stupid people on the top of the government of the third world, so they can easily take their wealth and they cannot understand what we are doing.
If the clever people are on the top of the government of the third world, our government cannot easily rob them. So for these reasons, the young people who want their right are killed. They kill them, because the old people will not fight for their right any more, they gave up their hope. But the young people are full of energy and they want their portion and their rights. How a person can take eighteen and half billions dollars by a track or trailer?


And nobody notice this until the Turkish police cut them. My Taraneh has been stolen and force to go with the crazy people. We have no security here; my daughter in the day light is stolen. My Taraneh, the Taraneh of Iran has been taken away by force. I am her father and miss my only daughter. They raped her in a cruel way and because they afraid to be cut, they burned her body. Her body had been burned by the stupid people who were cruel. Who cannot understand Love and Unity? Who just know hate and killing? Who are like an automatic device and just act, if you charge them. Do not encourage hate between our young people that is what the bad system of the world wishes.
Has these people who destroyed my daughter have no daughters, mothers, sisters that they were so cruel to my only daughter?


They raped her, bitted her and burned her; any animal will do that, what they did to my only daughter? Her beautiful body and her nice voice and her nice face is destroyed by people who called them Moslem or Human? To hide their rape they burned her body as she was alive. They killed my baby in a very cruel way that no animal will do that.
In the time my wife was in the hospital to born my daughter; I was out of the room and waited for her coming. My mother in law told me that my wife had borne a nice girl for me, for us, for all of us. My daughter Taraneh (the song, or the voice) was borne. Few minutes later I saw my daughter lying in a small bet with wheels and is going to the nursing place.


She was coming out of the operation room. She was lying on one side, but I could see both her eyes. Both eyes were open and looked around. The innocent look of a child who born few minutes ago. My mother came to me and said congratulation; you have a girl my son. My ground beautiful daughter. Look the big black eyes of her. They are so beautiful. Thanks God, all of you come for the dinner in my house. I had two sons before Taraneh, but now I have a daughter who could bring light and love with her little feet in our house. I know thousand of Iranian Taraneh has been killed here, in our country. They were Mojahedin, Cherik, Communists, Bahai, Babi, Sunni, and Jews of royalist. Or they love Mosadegh or Shah. From all these voices of Iran, some of them are raped and burned and their bodies which were like flowers, had been destroyed and burned, because they did not want to let a document back.


So they burned the documents the bodies of our Taraneh of Iran.
My daughter was one of them, but there are a lot of other Taraneh who will continue to live and will be important people in the world, even my Taraneh is dead. They will bring proud and glory to our countries. My Taraneh was two years old as she lost her teeth and all her teeth in the upper case were damaged. The dentist told me, she lost her teeth and it takes years until the other teeth come out. It is not nice for a little girl to have no teeth for such a long time, so it is better you buy for her artificial teeth. My wife and I have decided to buy good artificial teeth for Taraneh. I went to a doctor who was my class mate as a child, Dr. Nursi and he fixed the artificial teeth for her. The doctor who was a nice friend did not charge me for his work and it was a gift for Taraneh.


She was so happy that she sat in front of mirror hours and speaks with herself. She told to herself, oh my dear sister look my teeth, they are so nice and beautiful. Than she change her voice and told to her imagination sister, yes my dear sister you have nice teeth, after that she hit them with her real teeth in the lower case and told the sister ,look what a beautiful sound they have. Yes my dear sister, they are mine, my father went to his friend who is a dentist and he gave these nice teeth to me as a gift. I eat with them so good, they help me a lot to eat and make the food softer. Taraneh sits hours in front of the mirror and speak with her imagination sister in the mirror. She was very proud, happy and nice. One day she saw on the street a blond girl and she looked at her a lot. Next day she called me and said to me Daddy come and sits next to me.


I would like to speak with you. I said tell me what you want, I will try to give it to you. She said I want a sister whit whom I can speak. I am tried sitting in front of mirror and speak with myself. The picture in the mirror does not answer me and I should speak even for her and change my voice in the time that I speak for my imaginary sister. That is boring for me. I have to change my voice so many times. It is not fun and I am tired of it. If you can bring a sister for me, I do not need to speak for my sister who is in the mirror. And she should be blond, so she should be different than me like the blond girl we saw yesterday on the street.


I want to be myself and speak only for myself and not for a sister in mirror, who is not a real one, it is a picture of mine and I accepted her as a real sister. Buy you know she is not a real girl. I said to have another sister is not so easy, it takes nine month from now, may be she will a girl or a boy. It is not sure. After that she will be five years younger than you, she cannot speak and play with you right away. She will say half of the words for a while she had different vocabulary for a while until she learns the words. She will say Apo, for Ab water, diddi boa for car. Debo for big. Kha for khanom lady, than she will say ghayat ghayat, and Gee, or Uha, and you do not understand all these sounds, which she thinks is words. Until she can speak with you, you are seven years old, and that is a dull for you not a real sister. And still she will make pipi and pope in her shorts and she is not clean for a while also. Taraneh asked can you not get a blond girl as my sister in my age now. I told her it is not possible. We should adopt a girl, and this work is not so easy, too.


Taraneh told me OK. I know now that a baby girl is difficult to handle and she cannot speak for a while, but I would like to have a sister. I know she cannot walk and be clean for a while she will cry a lot as she cannot speak and she does not let you sleep also. And in the middle of night she will cry Uha Uha and will have milk. And in the middle of night you should prepare milk for her. But I can also help you, I will prepare milk for her, I will wash her and change her. Daddy I would like to have a sister, even if she is difficult and expensive for you. Do not forget I want a sister with golden hair, not black. My sons were six years and ten years older than Taraneh and she was more a dull for them and not a real sister. But Taraneh with her girl sense made herself beloved by them.
My both sons love her so much and they did everything she asked. But my wife did not want any children any more, and she said even three children are too much.


So my older son learned from her and he said the same thing. He said you were not enough rich why you make three children, I was enough why you got two more children. You could spend all your money for me. This jealous boy said very clearly first me after that other children. Even if he loved the sister so much. May be he learned that from the ground father who had only one child and may be he said one time that the three children are too much as he had only one daughter my wife. He was sort of jealous with me or even with her daughter. But sorrowfully these sentences that the ground father told him affected his mind. He was ten years older than Taraneh and four years older than my other son.


He wanted to be dictator in the house. One day he was angry and told me, I will kill the other two, so I will be alone and you can spend the money you have only for me. I said if you do this the government will kill you as a murder. He said the government is killing so many young people, I learned from them to kill other people. I said they have the law in their hand and they can kill and have excuse for these killings. But you cannot kill, as they will kill you.
I saw the wonderful Islamic attitude influenced him, that for the money he is free to kill other people. Is that the fruit of Islamic religion, instead Love bring hate for material in the young people. And teach them to kill to be rich or free from your concurrence. It is the result of the glorious Islamic revolution in Iran that the young people think killing the others is a good solution.


I do not know that TV or radio influence him so badly that for having more money you can even kill your brothers and sister. My children lie a lot, and as I understand that they are lying, and I protest them why they lie, they told me here in Islam Taghiye or to say lie is fine. He learned some how from TV or radio that killing is not so bad and telling lie is fine, too. May be he will learn later from TV how he can kill also. I hope not.
Taraneh was going to elementary school; she had a white scarf and a blue dress. But she likes them and she accepted them, to be fully covered as a young six years old girl. To be covered and not influence the men to get sex desire. Taraneh was a very good student, every day I took her to school and bring her back. She had only score 20 or A in all her subjects.


One day she told me, now I can speak with the girls in the school and I do not need to speak with my sister in mirror. Because you could not have a sister for me, but how is about a piano? So you cannot say no any more as I need to learn piano. As she was so good and all her score were A, I bought a piano for her. She learned very well the piano lesson and soon she could play and sing very beautifully. She was very religious girl, she learned in the school to be very religious and she acts what ever the school asked her to do. She was a nice girl, and she finished the high school with a very high grade, she was preparing herself to go to university and study medicine. She could even say poem and she sang her poem with the piano. She was like a singer, poem and piano player in the same time.


She never fights with her brothers, some how she accepted their commands and tried very hard to make them happy. She cleaned for them cooked for them and obeys them, so they have no fight with each other.
As even the daughter of King of Iran was perished, because of the glorious revolution of Iran, my Taraneh has been perished also. The religion destroyed a lot of children of Iran, from the King’s daughter to my daughter. The religion should bring peace and love and not death and hate. We should love each other and be like brothers to each other and not kill each other. Direct or indirect. My daughter who was only twenty years old, my poem, my singer and my music player is burned by the glorious Islamic government. She walked on the street is kidnapped and raped and killed. And nobody care, the people are so indifferent about my nice flower who wanted to be a medical doctor, too. I hope the hands that killed my princess will be cut for ever and the hands that kill Iranian innocents will burn for ever.

I am not the only one who lost his child; millions of Iranians lost their children with different excuses. From the Queen of Iran to me, all of us lost our children for the religion. I wish I would be killed instead of Taraneh of Iran. The queen of Iran lost her daughter and my wife and I lost ours, too. This Azhidahak eats our children. The Azhidahak of revolution destroy all love and unity and killed millions of our children. In our little family there is a victim, and I do know a lot of families who lost their children, during the war, in war or in peace. So down to the Azhidahak and his flowers, down with hate and war, down with corruption and steeling, down with inhumanity. Viva Iran, Viva Love and Unity, Viva science and people, and Viva the humanity and cooperation and Just. Our Taraneh of Iran will sing again. Love each other as I loved you. Love, good thinking, good action and good speaking. You are all the flowers of a bush love each other and do not hate each other, because of race, nationalities or religions.

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