The mad king of the city of Balkho

The craziness of power of the King of the Balkho city

As there is the madness of youth or old time, there is also the madness of power, which has been approved by the doctors. This madness of power and the sex is other craziness that some people have them. The example is Adolph Hitler who wanted to stay in power even if another fifty millions people should have been killed. But our scientist Dr. Ahmadi Nezhad does not believe it. He is a very beloved president who came to presidency with sixty three presents of the vote, but he was not willing to count the votes again. As some people said there was a felony in the vote process. I do not understand if he was so sure that he had %63 of the vote, why he does not want the vote be counted again. He says also in Iran we have all type of freedoms, but some people do not believe it.

Any way our discussion was about Hitler and not him, as he is a very popular president of Iran. He was almost a poor homeless man, he could even not pass the exam for a college of art and he does not have money to have a nice life or marry. But he reached a powerful place and he was soon rich and the leader of German people. Now from such a poor condition he emerged in a huge position, the leader of Germany. But he was not satisfied; he wanted more and more, he add Austria to Germany and later a lot of countries of Europe were part of German Empire. Or as they said The Third Reich. Now he was willing to kill more and more people to stay in power and he wanted more and more countries to add to his Empire. After he killed fifty million people, and he was defeated by Russian and Americans, he told the people around him, now the German have no prosperity to have him as a leader and the German do not want him so badly and all German are not willing to be killed for him, so the whole Germany should be destroyed.

With other words the fifty people who were killed were not important for him. He wanted more people to be killed for him and his plans. He wanted the whole world to be his or be destroyed, what you can call this type of sickness. The madness of power.

A real good leader is not even willing one person; one innocent person be killed for him so he can stay in power. Hitler should be as a normal man be very sorry that so many millions people are killed for his plan and selfishness. But he was not even ashamed of what he did. The good people like Zapata who was a president, in the time that he sees he cannot help the people as president, he resigned. He left the palace for the president and went to the people as he sees, he cannot help in his position, and Hitler wanted with force to be the leader of the whole world.

It is true that at the beginning he did a lot of good things. And that he had some abilities, but may be he was good just to be the leader of a German province and not even the leader of the whole Germany. A good major cannot be a good president, because for presidency you need other abilities as to run a city or a province. Any leader who has a lot of opposition and a lot of people are not satisfied with his policy and work, should be changed. The leaders are good who do not want to collect a huge amount of money, they are not super egoist, they are not greedy and they want to work for the A leader who will tons of women, a lot of wives and a lot of sex girl friends and tons of money in the foreign banks how can he be a good leader. He is a slave of sex and money and mad to have power. The good leader should be a servant of the people and work for the success of his people. He should try to have a nice life for the majority and help also the minorities.

Dictators are may be good at the beginning, but with the time they change; first to much respect from the people who exaggerate the respect and start to kiss his hands and later his feet, so he thinks that he is something like God and forget himself as a human being. Or they get sick and get mad, or the madness of old age can attack them, or the madness of sex and money or power will be introduce themselves to him and he get out of his own control. And even the Bible said the human being is sinner, and how a sinner can lead the whole country? In the past a group of people who were wise old man have controlled the king. And if the king made mistake they change him. But sorrowfully now the dictator does not let the parliament be really voted by the people, he sends his own slaves and or friends as the representatives to the parliament. So they cannot control him and his mistakes will destroy the country.

In the Balkho city or country, the king has been chosen by an eagle. The people of court let the eagle fly and he will sit on a head of one person and this person is the king, or president or the leader or both. The people of the court will write three names, a king, a president, a leader or both or all three. And the put all these three of five papers in a small basket. A young boy or girl whose eyes are closed with a handkerchief will take one of these five or three little papers. Which is written the man who is chosen will be that. So he can be king, president, leader, both or all three. A man will be chosen by the eagle and according to the paper, he could be Mr. President, the Majesty the king, or the leader or he can have all three title depends on the paper which come by the little boy or girl out of the basket.

That year the name the King came out of the basket. So who ever had the eagle sitting in his head; he will be the king. I do not think it was a fraud also. Every other four year, the election should be performed, but sometime the king or president or leader does not let the eagle be flown , so he stay for ever leader, president or king and after him, his son will get the same position.

That year the king has been died or killed and so they wanted to let the eagle fly. The eye witness told me that the eagle was not a real eagle, but a computerized one. The super power did this plan to choose a stupid leader for the city. They gave a silver coin to an old bagger who was eighty years old and told him to stay in the square in the opposite the palace. So they programmed the artificial eagle so that the eagle will fly and sits on his head. The bagger was not even a cleaver bagger, he was a crazy one. After the bagger got the king title, he said that was the will of the God the merciful and just and he has chosen me by the guidance of the eagle. And also the great super powers that control the whole world the communist and capitalists both together make a lot of advertisement that he is chosen by The All Mighty God. As they know the people are very religious. They spend millions of millions dollars for his advertisement to make him important and holly.

The majority of people who were simple hearted and naïve by the great force of add have accepted that the man is really has chosen by God directly. So they believe in him like a prophet of God. So every body has gone in the trap of the super powers. The people now were willing to give all their money and their lives for the new king who was chosen by God.

The yesterday bagger and today king was very stupid, but he has some cleverness also in some fields. He soon got the idea that the people believe in him, so he is holly for them and what ever he says the people will believe and act accordingly. Because they think he has been chosen by God through the eagle.

So he gathered the local thieves, murders and international thieves and makes a plan to take the whole money of people and the city itself. He wanted the people be killed, be weak, be stupid and fight with each other and be poor and uneducated as his masters wanted that plan, too. So he gave good positions like general, state secretary, ambassadors, and general directors to them. He used the believe of people and their religion to destroy them, he thought as long as the people are poor, uneducated, weak and believe in false religion and believe in him as a messenger of God, they cannot rebel against him and he will stay for ever the king. The track took and load all valuable materials, gold silver and precious stones and even the crown itself. They took all foreign money from the banks in the track and trailers and put them in his name in the foreign banks. So soon he had billions of dollars cash money all over the world. He hired bad people, murders, rappers, mad people, and sexual active mad people and gave them power to do with the people what ever they wanted, so the people get afraid and will be quite for ever. They kill the people who said a little bit critics right away, so the other people afraid even say hello to the officers. They attacked the young men and women and performed sex with them and raped them. Any girl, who speaks loud, has been torched and raped by them. They tear their virginity and pure their semen in their vagina, and they put them in the jail, so they could not kill themselves or the babies. They tried to destroy their body and their spirit together. As in Balkho to be not virgin is like to be a prostitute. So their parent will shy and will be quite.

He hired people to bit the people who are saying a little bit critics. He ordered his people to kill any body who are against his plan and his activities. He has sent by God and he can do what ever he wants and nobody should say a word against him. He allowed his people to have sexual activities with the young boys and girls who are in jails as prisoners. He allowed the young girls who are in the jail, be killed. But if they are virgin any body can make sex with them so they cannot go to their paradise after they are dead. With other words the virgin girl should not be killed before killing that the law that they have to be rapped by his people. Any body who speak loud got a bullet in his/her heart or head by his police forces.

Little time the wise people of the city and the majors gave some advice to the mad cruel king, that he should not bother and kill the people in such numbers. They told this advice in a very friendly way to him, to the mad and proud king. But he killed all of them after they left his palace. The people were quite, because they afraid to be killed. Their children were killed by him, but still they were careful. With fear and indifferent condition he could control the people very easily. He persecuted and kills every day a group of people and the other group of people thought, he will be OK with their group. For example first he wanted to kill all people who have one eye, later he wanted to kill all people who have big nose. So the people with small nose thought they are safe and he will kill only the people with the big nose. One day he ordered all the men who have three testes should be killed. The people thought OK they are safe as they have only two testes. But the king ordered first they should cut the testes and after that the officers should count the testes. Or one day he ordered the people who have big penis, their penis should be cut. But again first his officers first cut the penis and after that they measured it. So even if it was short or a normal penis; it has been cut any way. So in reality nobody was safe.

His policy was that the people should be not united with each other and should hate each other. He spread hate between all races and nationalities and religions in his empire. And he said who kill the people he will pay them. So many people, who had no work, take those jobs. So he trained the people to be killer. After few months he fired them and hired another group of people to kill his nation who believe in him as a man send by God. Even one day he let new people who were hired to be trained as killer, even kill the people who were his friends and worked in his court.

Now was an alarm that the mad king likes killing. Even he killed the population of other countries. But the great power had a good plan. And the people have been cheated by the artificial electronic guided digital king’s eagle. Who should select the king? That was not a real eagle. The mad king was destroying the whole land and the people lost their wealth and most of their young children were killed by the crazy king.

The wise man saw that he has no knowledge and he has bad adviser also. He destroyed all good secretary and open new secretary like, the secretary of Lie and thieves. The secretary of poop and pipi and he is bringing the city to the Stone Age. He killed all wise people or the most of them. Few were still alive. And send some of them out of the country.

He glues the clothes of king to his skin, so nobody could take the clothes off his body. He closed all school and factories, so the people have no work and no money, so if they said something he killed them. All the good jobs have been taken by his family or friends. They were stupid like the bagger king. They had any knowledge at all and all the economic situation of the country was in very bad shape. The people were very angry now and they may do a bloody revolution. So again the wise people who were just few of them left behind, went to the mad king and asked him to resign. Because he should be only four years king, now he is fourty years there as a king. They told him you were king for fourty years, so you have enough money and gold, dollars and euro in different foreign banks. And you are hundred twenty years old. Come and for sake of God resign. So a young seventy years old man will take your place.

The mad king told them. I was eighty years bagger, nobody said I should resign as a bagger, now I am only fourty year’s king and you ask me to resign? I should be another fourty year’s king, not one year more and not one year less. Or not a word more and or a word less. The wise people said but the people are not satisfied, he said that is not important, I will kill them if they say a word. I cannot satisfied every body, so let every body be unsatisfied; that is just. Nobody is satisfied. All people are not important; I am important, the should only serve me and be quite. The God by the flying eagle gave me this position. If the God does not want me, he should come down and take me off the palace. The people are not important at all. I was eighty years bagger, nobody said any thing and now they should be quite also. After that the mad king called his slaves and they came in. He told them they should take all these people and they should be raped and be killed. You can also burn them, if you like. One of the wise man as he sees he will be raped and killed told the mad king. The God did not provide this kingdom for you, the great power computerized the king’s eagle to come and sit on your head. The God had nothing to do with all these cheating activities. The capitalist and communist power paid a lot of money for the advertisement to cheat the people that you are sending by God. The ring of light around you head is also a digital computerized light, made by scientist of the great power for you. And you are just a stupid bagger. The king took his gun and starts to shot and as he could not shoot well, he killed a lot of other people, also his employees also. The mad king uses all his weapons to kill all these people, who were discussing with him. Seventy two people were killed; thirty of them were his friends. So he ordered that the thirty people should be buried and the rest of the people should be burned.

The people of Balkho hope one day the international court will take the mad king to the international court and persecute him for all his murder and robbing.

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