Obama & taste for rotten apples

Even the most ardent Islamists will have a hard time keeping a straight face when talking about the wide acceptance of their ideology among Iranians,  it is just too patently obvious not to be the case.  The times when IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, could make a theoretically plausible claim to legitimacy is long gone.  So the obvious question is why the sane world lead by the U.S. is trying every which way it can to appease and cut a deal with a fundamentalist Islamist regime lacking international and more importantly internal legitimacy.  

The Islamist regime’s most recent violent suppression operation which included its rooftop sharpshooters randomly picking off peaceful demonstrators,  cracking heads, breaking bones, torturing and raping men, women and children who were detained, some to death is no secret. So is the fact that at the height of those barbarities some of which at great cost to life and limb were captured on film and broadcasted worldwide,   the American President sent his second unsolicited lets be friends letter to IRR’s Supreme Leader/Rapist.   

The Obama administration came to power partly, if not mostly, due to utter disgust to the point of hatred for the previous administration’s tendency to overlook human rights violation at the altar of greater good in its “freedom” infusion projects. Isn’t President Obama following the same trail from another direction?

What else would it be to cozy up to Islamist rapists oppressing Iranians for three decades, overlooking the International Criminal Court’s indictment of  Sudan’s Islamist Prez for crimes against humanity, cutting off meager funding to handful of unbloated human rights organizations that are really doing good, and…?

After the murderous Islamists’ attack on 9/11, America said never again, but less than a decade later the old ways of dealing with the tyrants and giving the finger to their victims is creeping back in and that only spells disaster. Taking a second bite at the same rotten apple is not going to taste any better.

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