America’s obsession with Iran

Naom Chomsky’s recent comment on the US approach to Iran in an interview with Jon Snow, 14 October 2009:

If someone was watching this from Mars, they’d collapse in ridicule.
The United States is telling Iran to stop its aggressive militarism? I
mean we occupy two countries on their border, US spending on arms is
approximately equal to the rest of the world combined, we’re
threatening them with attack and violation of the UN Charter and on and
on. Iran hasn’t invaded anyone for, probably, centuries, except for two
Arab islands that the Shah conquered with the support of the United

Are there any Marsians here? I have felt like a Marsian for a while because the whole thing seems just rediculous. the biggest military bully just will not stop threatening Iran, as if we did not have enough problems of our own to sort out with a rabid theocracy, a region burning with fundamentalist fire, and an existential threat from a dangerous, nuclear-armed Israel.

what should a ‘good’ iranian do?

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