The homeless girl of Sahabgharaniyeh, in Shimiran, Tehran

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The homeless girl who live on the street in Sahabgharaniyeh   A friend of mine was acting very well, he shows himself as a very good gentleman, and he was nice friendly and generous to other people.  And he always says about this subject that we should be good and nice to each other if we want to have a better land and a better life. He pays his loan and his debt always in time without any delay. But now because of the glorious Islamic revolution he came in difficulties like many other people.


Now it was the time for him to misuse his good name and barrow money from his family and friends. Because he had a good name everybody was willing to give him money for a while. So he borrow money from his friends and relatives as much as he could and he collect all their saving in his pocket.  But this time he was not willing to pay back and had thousand excuses not to pay.  He said the people do not pay him and so he cannot pay.  The people who gave him money have no other choice to give him more and more time, but he never tried to pay back.   Any way he did not pay the people back and bring many people in disaster.   He always says give him few more days or months time, but the time that he wanted to pay never appear.  And at the end he told his relatives and friends go and get your money through the judge system and the ministry of Judge.


 As he said he was many years good person, to have this capital for today and now he collected enough money for himself to survive.    So I remember the City of Heart written by Mr. Khatibi or the city of Balkho of him.  Everything is upside down, good people change to bad and bad people do good actions. One shows himself as a good person so he can attract people and make a lot of money.  One kills the other people and accuses other person. A man takes illegal money and says the other persons have done.  One says the people elected me and they love me, the people say we do not want you, but he does not care what the people are saying.   Other countries say a lot of bad thing about the king of City of Heart, but they want also negotiate with him. The presidents and kings of other states say that the king of City of Heart is layer, murder, has bad character is crazy and still want to negotiate with him?  The people who got power and money, they get blind and they cannot hear properly also. They cannot see the true any more.    Or the over respect that the people do destroyed their brain.  The people who are next to the dictator make from him a God a real God.  They forget that the people need work, food and education and need money to pay their costs. They cannot understand that the people are hungry, like Mary Antewanet ; the court people told him , the people have no bread and they are hungry, she told her court employees tell the people the solution is very easy, in the time that I have no bread to eat , I eat candy. It is even better than bread.  Or cakes.  So the court people isolate them, so their brain cannot work properly.  The admiration is so high that they cannot see any problem and they think everything is fine. They cannot see the drug adductors, million of them exist, and they cannot see millions of people who have no work. They cannot see million of people who have no place and have to go to other states or countries to work.


They say something and their words are printed in the newspapers, but they say that they did not say it.   My friend took the money from Parviz and he had to work until last night to pay his loans.  Parviz help this Morteza and as he does not give his money back, he had borrowed the money for Morteza from his company, now Morteza does not pay, and Parviz had to work the third job to pay Morteza loan.  He worded until nine to ten o’ clock every day. After his work which was close to Ajudaniyeh and Sahabgharaniyeh area; in a private company; it was about nine and half in the night and he was driving to Tajrish, to his home. In that cold night, there was a young girl who was walking in that area, the snow was on the street and there were no person in that walking alone. I stopped as it is normal in Iran, the people stopped their car and give ride to the people, and they pay a little fee or not.  The young girl who was about sixteen years old came in my car. She was shivering from cold weather or hunger.  She asked me if I have some food in the car.


My wife prepared some food or sandwich for me and I had some food remained in the car; I gave the food to her. She eats them and after a while she said I have no place, do you have place?  I realized that the poor young girl is trying to sell her body and her sex to me.    I told her, my friend, I wanted just to help you and bring you to your home.  She was shied and was red in the face. She continued you are very nice; you are not like these religious government officers, who want to misuse me. She told me that her father is sent out of the work as he was not a real Moslem, her brother flee as he was in the communist party, and he had communists friends.  She was in the eleven grades that she should go out of the school as her father and brother could not pay her costs.  And now she is selling her body.      I said why you do not do other work? She said she did before. Her chief who had wife and children raped her one day and he told her, she should be quite; if she claim against him, he will destroy her more as he had a lot of friend in the ministry of Just. Like Morteza who took my money and as I claim against him in the Ministry of Just; he destroy me, too.  My documents in the Ministry of Just go from one place to other place and nobody read them and decides my situation.  I know that the girl also afraid to claim against him.


 I claimed and just lost more money and time. She said she lost her virginity and so she has no hope for the life any more. She wants to die and get ride of this life. Her father is traditional and she cannot see him any more as she destroy his reputation.  She afraid if he knows that I lost my virginity, he will die. The girl continued that she is also pregnant.  She told me, that she said to her parent, she is working  in a rich big house, but it is not true ; she has no place to sleep.  After saying that she started to cry.   In the past the people said, the king of Iran is not good, he does not understand the pain of poor people, but now we have a son of a worker and a lot of poor people in the past in the government and they have the best positions in the regime.  Why the situation is worst than in the King’s time? Many people have been killed; million of people lost their lives in the war with Iraq or killed with other excuses.  And some poor people got millions or billions of dollars. And they forget their friends who are still poor and they forget the people who brought them to the power, money and beautiful women.  Is this the Just? Why instead of willing more money and more power, they do not help the people? 

 They tease and kill one person, because he likes the communists, the other one because he/she liked the Shah, the other one because is Bahai, the other one because is Sufi…one is nationalist; the other one is moderate …?  Is it not the time that all people should have share in their country of Iran?  Why just few people have all the possibilities and the other people have nothing from their country. Is Iran belonging just to a group of people?    To kill Bahais, communist, capitalists, nationalist and moderate people will not help any more. So come and listen; the people need work and share of the benefit. Do not take everything for yourself.  You have enough for yourself. How much money and how many women you want more? Billions of dollars are not enough? 

 Everybody should have share of the benefit of Iran. The rich cannot take the whole money and destroy the girls of poor class, too. That is not fair. Billions of dollars, for what you gathered so much money? For the other world? For buying land in paradise? Or you will leave this richness for your children and grand children; they will buy with this free money, drug and misuse all of them. So dear leader of the world, take enough money and help the other so you will have a nice life here and in the other world.  O  Sadi, the good man will never die, the dead is whom who has a bad name and a bad reputation. But the good man is always will be saluted in the whole world.   

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