4 questions 4 you

To deny for the past thirty years the religion of Islam has been used to a great effect by IRR, the Islamist Rapist republic, as a tool of statecraft is to deny the obvious. To deny as far as generations of Iranians who have come of age under IRR rule are concerned, the religion of Islam and IRR for the most part are perceived to be one and the same is to deny the observable. To deny the religion of Islam has gotten a black eye in Iran is to deny the reality.  

Now should the above statements be taken as fair and somewhat accurate, and limiting the observation to Iran and Iranians number of questions pup-up.

1- Is the damage done to the religion of Islam by IRR irreparable?

2- Is it even desirable to repair the damage done by IRR?

3- Is this, as has been the case with other religions and freed societies, the same kind of prerequisite damage leading to separation of religion and state and strenghtening of  the faith?

4- Is Iran going through growing pains or just spiraling further down into the abyss?

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