Finally Something Good from Obama!!

A post from my American side – 

The Question is:
Would you give-up meat if it’s proven to you future of earth depends on it??!!!   Earth or no earth – I think we need to eat less white, red, or any kind of meat.   We don’t even have to give them up all together – let’s just eat less meat.   Of-course it would be a lot harder for us than the new generations – if we feed them right from the start.   This would be especially hard on us Iranians – with the Chelo Kabab factor….

Anyways, I hear one of the Czars in Obama Admin has come-up with the idea of less- meat, which was like a breath of fresh air for me, staring at a generally clueless admin in our White House.      

Finally – Dear Obama.   Instead up spending your time and resources on media or monitoring polls – pay attention to JOBS that are environmental friendly.   Don’t know how or what?  My point exactly.   Stop wasting time and respources monitoring polls and manipulating media.  

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