Student ad: Know your anti-Israel professors

Students at Haifa University are outraged over the contents of an ad included in a daily planner distributed by the Student Union at the beginning of the academic year. The ad urges students to become aware of “anti-Israel lecturers” from universities across the country, including the Haifa institute. A complaint was sent to University President Professor Aaron Ben Ze’ev pointing to incitement.

The ad directs students to a website which lists names of lecturers from various universities and their quotes on such topics as the separation fence, legitimacy of Israel’s existence, and even an article slamming pop singer Madonna’s concert in Israel. The website does not offer the lecturers responses to the quotes.

The ad reads, “Warning! An academic fifth column! Know your anti-Israel lecturers. Professors and lecturers in Israeli universities and colleges engaged in subversive activity such as: openly endorsing terror attacks against Jews, initiating international boycotts of Israel, using their status to anti-Israel preaching and anti-Zionist brainwash, cooperating with known anti-Semites, slandering Israel as a fascist, colonial State with an apartheid regime.”

The ad further accuses the lecturers of promoting violence and law violations, encouraging draft-dodging among IDF soldiers and calling for the annihilation of Israel. “Learn of the abuses of the academic platform and beware of extreme anti-Israel lecturers on campus,&q…

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