Before the 2008 election, I was telling all my friends and family that voting for Obama was like voting for Jimmy Carter (and we all know how that turned out). I knew that his “Change we can believe in” slogan was utter election garbage. Not only is he cultivating dictatorships (in Hondurous and Iran), but his domestic policies are at best suspect.

Recently, we found out that close of $600 million of the stimulus money has been defrauded through a credit that was to be given only to first-time home buyers. And now he wants the government (the IRS, actually) to run the nations health care? Unemployment is around 10% (in Michigan it’s 15%). He can’t even make a decision whether to send troops to his so-called “necessary” war in Afghanistan, but he’s dead set on spending scads of money that this country does not have for health care (while making sure not to anger his biggest supporters, the trial lawyers, by not implementing any tort reforms).

And sadly, for us Iranians, he’s bending over backwards to pacify the rapist regime in Iran. Neda’s blood has barely dried on some tragic street in Iran, and this uber-embicile president cuts off the funding ($3 million) to a US-based Iranian human rights organization. Does this not bother anyone? I know the amount of money is paltry, but it’s the message that he’s sending to Tehran that’s troubeling. As mentioned above, some $600 million dollars of the stimulus money was defrauded (note: 53 of the fraud cases were by IRS employees), and the US government can’t afford $3 million for the cause of human rights in Iran, specially after the massive rape, murder and torture that transpired in Iran some 15 weeks ago?

Obama is not just Carter, he actually may be worse! The IRI seems all but ready to be thrown into the trash bin of history and this weak, double-talking, incompetent lefty president desperately seems to want to throw the morally depraved mullahs a life jacket, which is exactly what he tried to do for the recently ousted lefty thug president in Hondorous. It took Obama 10 DAYS to condemn the bloody crackdown in Iran, but it only took him 3 HOURS to condemn the legal removal of the president of Hondurous, which was authorized by the Supreme Court of Hondurous! 

What does this say about Obama? What is it about him and thug dictators (Khadafi, Chavez, Zelaya, Ahmadinejad, Putin, etc.). He’ll shun the dalai lama, but he has no problem having a cozy photo-op with a thug (and a notorious human rights violater) like Chavez.

Is this  ‘Change we can believe in’?

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