Walking The Path Of Greatness – Within Reach Of All Iranians

As many of you know, today, October 29th, is The International Day Of Cyrus The Great (Kouroush -e-Kabir). Our friend, Amil Imani, has prepared a very nice blog, titled: Saluting Cyrus the Great on His Day, for this occasion. There are many comments by various commentators that are very useful. If you haven’t taken a look at this blog, I would like to encourage you to do so. I decided to write this piece to encourage All My Iranian Brothers And Sisters, that the Greatness that was brought about by Cyrus (Kouroush), flows passionately within the veins and the spirits of all of us. The difficulties of the past centuries (Jabr-e-Zamaneh) may have dampened our spirits, yet, that Greatness That Has Been Dormant, is ready to be awakened. I Hope That You Find This Piece Inspiring. Thank You.

In the realm of the possible, the very passion of the greatness, lying dormant, within us 
Imbued with a touch of humanity, albeit unrecognizable, yet quite evident, all to be manifested

Sanity beckons, yet, the imagination of the impossible, bearing heavily, on our conscience
Within the bosom of all my compatriots, thoroughly  evident, succinctly manifested, all through and through 

The seed, that we reckon, emblazoned by the land of Fars
Within the reach of all mankind, the greatness manifested, through Cyrus (Kourosh), much benevolent

My heart is beating, the love of this land, the very birth place, yes, the very origin of our lives
Shy not away from it, no my brother, your very blood, flows through it all, unashamedly

Come my brother, as a true-blooded Iranian, be absolutely proud, without hesitation
In your very veins, the memories of all greatness past, not from a distant land, but, from your very own, birth place

At times, difficulties may arise, yet, lose not hope, no my darling
The Love Of God, the affection for our country, the sacrifices needed, all indeed, worth it, yes my sweet, hesitate not 

The very practice of a bard, is to inculcate, within your very soul, the fire and elixir, of greatness
Not a drug, no my darling, but the very life giving potion, saturating your spirit, and nourishing, your very soul

The very shadow of defeat, the darkness of religion, cast it all, in to the depths, of Hades
Like a cancerous tumor, rid yourself, of all undue burden, blocking, your very ascension, to Heaven And Greatness 

As I speak to you, have no reservations, that the flow of Greatness, can embrace your very being
Embrace Your Destiny, in all its Glory, nothing less, no my darling, embrace it all, As It’s Yours To Have

My Beloved Brother, And My Beloved Sister, in all times past, obstacles, yet hindrances, but all, surmountable
The guiding light, of all our predecessors, the Great People, embracing our difficulties, showing us the way, indeed take heed  

Remember My Darling, the very passion, that motivated Cyrus (Kourosh), flows, within our very veins
Harness it, be proud of it, manifest it, knowing, his greatness, could indeed, Be Our Greatness 

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