Nuclear nickel-and-diming

The reports speak of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, try nickel-and-diming the five plus one on the deal it says it has accepted. It seems the Islamist Rapists want to deliver their stockpile of illegally enriched dual use uranium not in one shipment as agreed to, but in many shipments of smaller quantities stretched over time and with other strings attached.

That would basically defeat the purpose of the deal which as a “confidence building measure” the bulk of low enriched uranium was to be exchanged for usable fuel rods. Although all the evidence point to the contrary, it was said such arrangement goes some distance to show the Islamist Rapists are not after nuclear bomb and are only interested in its “peaceful “applications. It was further said that after the completion of the deal the resulting atmosphere would be more conducive to working out some solution to the problem of vast illegal enrichment program which is subject to number of punitive United Nation Security Council Resolutions.

If the above nickel-and-diming scenario should hold true, what would be a fair and logical way for the sane world to interpret the Islamist Rapists’ nuclear motives and how should they respond to it. Some of the options are:

1- As President Obama’s National Security Adviser Jones said on Wednesday: “nothing is off the table”, which has come to be the code word for the dreaded militarily action.

2- Increasing and tightening the existing weak sanctions in stages allowing IRR time to change its ways without jeopardizing the regime.

3- Put the full economic might of the U.S., which contrary to some opinions is still the most formidable, behind the drive for airtight sanctions.

4- In light of the recent “election” fiasco withdraw recognition of the IRR as the legitimate representative of the Iranian people and isolate it diplomatically.

5- Empowering enslaved Iranians with moral and material support to overthrow the Islamist menace.

4- Give the Islamist Rapists a hearty attaboy and call it a day.

5- ….

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