From Washington and Jerusalem: more bad news

Back in 2007, we wrote that AIPAC has an “almost unchallenged hold on Congress.” Little has happened since then to alter that conclusion, and we will probably get another demonstration of Congressional spinelessness this week. On Tuesday, the House is scheduled to vote on H.R. 867, an AIPAC-sponsored resolution denouncing the recent Goldstone Report on possible war crimes by Hamas and Israel during the Gaza War last year. You can read the resolution here. You should then read Judge Goldstone’s response here, which points out the errors in the House resolution. And then read historian Tony Judt’s eloquent statement here. If you’re convinced that the resolution makes a mockery of America’s professed commitment to justice and human rights, then you might express that sentiment here or here. Or just call your Congressman’s office and tell him/her to grow a backbone and vote against it.


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