Ending it

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of Islamists in Iran taking American diplomats hostage.  Since that crime which solidified power in the hands of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, the unrepentant Islamists have gone on a crime spree both internally victimizing Iranians en masse and externally radicalizing the region and by extension the world at large.

Initiative after initiative to come to some king of understanding with the Islamist Rapists have produced nothing but time for them to work on their illegal full cycle dual purpose nuke program. At the current trajectory the Islamist Rapist are on, they will soon get their hands on nuke and that is when remorse by all the lets talk it out advocates will have no redeemable value. It is time to dust off plan B.

The brutality of the IRR as witnessed during the recent sham “election” is at such level that without concerted, unremitting material and moral support from the sane world Iranians cannot get rid of the Islamist menace. 

The situation is ripe, before it gets too late and IRR imposes a devastating war on Iranians and the region the sane world led by the beacon of hope and freedom, America, has got to help enslaved Iranians to overthrow this maniacal doomsday Islamist cult.

This can be made to be the very last shameful commemoration of hostage taking crime the Islamist Rapists preside over.   

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