The boomerang

Another IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, created occasion, another chance for the enslaved Iranians to use to show their abhorrence of the regime has just passed. Just like their so called “International Qods Day” did a while back, Islamist Rapists’ shameful commemoration of the crime in which American diplomats were taken hostage and kept for 444 days boomeranged on their faces.

The videos of the sporadic outbreaks of anti-Islamist Rapists show determined Iranians, especially women, braving certain unbelievably savage beating at the hands of the IRR thugs and yet not backing down.

The slogans, a barometer of any demonstration, are no longer about the stolen” election” and target the pillars of the Islamist regime including the Head Rapist Khamenei. Since all the raping, torturing and murdering of men, women and children have lost their effect- short of the Islamist Rapists having a metamorphosis into a sane entity with civilized norms of behavior- things are certain to become worse.

At this juncture to say the Islamist regime is at its most vulnerable is to make an understatement; therefore it is the most opportune time for the sane world to make the decision it has been delaying to make for years. As tempting as it might be, it would be deadly wrong to cut a deal with the weakened IRR, a colossal mistake sure to come back to haunt the West.  

All versions of the Islamist Rapist regime have been given ample time and support none panned out; it is high time to empower the enslaved Iranians to take matters into their own capable hands.

Before it is too late and nuke acquiring IRR imposes a devastating war on the captive Iranians and the region, in tandem with airtight sanctions the sane world has to unremittingly support  Iranian people with moral and material help to topple the unreformable Islamist menace.     

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