Airtight sanctions

Would someone here please explain to me what is an “airtight” sanction?  I have read so many posts from liberals, communists and extreme left on this site. They say it will back-stab our own nation, the people we are counting on to help remove IRI. Where is the back-stabbing? What kind of sanctions are we talking about?

 I bet there is no argument or disagreement that any kind of sanction will impose hardship. The question that has bugged me is, “is it worth it?”. I say yes, if it helps accelerating the education of the masses. I’m not saying our people in urban areas are not educated, but this regime is banking on underserved and uneducated. How could a sanction pave the road to penetrate the heart of the family in a small village near Bijar or Ardebil or solughoon…..? (you get my drift).

Would there be such a sanction to draw millions to streets demanding freedom or death? The type we have seen for the last 4-5 months. So, what kind of sanctions will help us get “there”?  I know “there” for me is a secular democratic rule of law. And, I pray that’s the same for the millions who eventually will cover the streets screaming “death or freedom”, or “Death to dictator..”, etc….

I may not know exactly what is an “airtight” sanction, but, I’m all for it if helps people to rise for a true democracy, without being detoured into another dead-end theocracy (be it Marxist Islamist or blank-blank facist).

So, once again, I beg the audience to educate me as what is an “airtight” sanction.

Much obliged

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