The unseen hand who control the world, the real master?

Who is the real master and plays with his/her puppets? I do not know if you heard the name of Illuminati or not? As I heard this name from a lot of professors who teach political science and they told me that about 40% of the wealth of the world in controlled by them, they have a very complicated system to control the whole world. Many professors told me that they want confusion and hate in the world and they are willing to pay to the people who bring hate, killing, disorder and war in the world. As with this way, they can govern easier in the world. The people who fight and hate each other have no time to be united with each other and pay attention to their own need.


 So in the world which is full of disorder, hate and confusion and with other world the water is mixed with dust, they can get big fishes. There is a way to fight with them and I will name that way also. What they want and want they try to do. I heard the top of this pyramid which you can see on the one dollar bill, there is an eye that is their symbol, and they are eye and sit in the top of pyramid. After them are a lot of people who are closed to them. And in the bottom of the pyramid are normal people like us. May the eye of the pyramid have about one millions personals? They are the most powerful and the richest people in the world. They are the most academic and the most educated people in the world, they are very intelligent and they lead the company. As I told they have billions of billions dollars in their possession and they plan for the whole world.


They hire the most knowledgeable people and they given them enough money to have a nice life. They have the financial and economical power in their hands so they have also the political powers in their control. So in this way they can govern the whole world. For example they hire sort of sport men and train them so good that he can fight with a lot of people in the same time and they give him a lot of devices to use them. And he gets also enough salary to have a nice life. They use them to ruined people who know about them. And who may be stopping their activities. They have good information about the whole world and about different countries. And so they can control the different countries and so the whole world. They know the difference and hate between some Turkish people and some Persian and they bring it hot and in the top. They know the differences between Some Arabs and some Fars (Persian) people and they try to keep this hate for ever.


The same the differences between Kurd and Turk, Arab and Kurd, and they give them so much weapon that no one can win, they just fight with each other for ever. They know the hate between some Shia and some Sunni, the hate between some Bahai and some Moslem, the hate between some Moslems and some Jew and Christian. So they want to keep the fire of hate for even or at least for a long time. So they can make money by selling weapons to both sides. They give the possibilities to proud and ignorant people and give them high positions so they can control them always. A man like Sadam is an ideal example for them. Who has no political knowledge and who is willing to kill people who are smart and human? So they bring him up and after that they encourage him to attack Iran and give also him enough weapons not to win and not to lose. So they sell their weapons and drugs easily. And their insurance companies make billions of dollars. They even will destroy the middle class people of the first world, so they will have no mind against them. As the middle class people in the first world can understand much better the situation and will not to be their slaves.


They want people like slave, so they can obey them without asking any questions. But the middle class people are independent and they work and support themselves and they do not need their help. And they are not willing to be connected with them. They encourage the mad people to kill and destroy as much as possible. And they bring dictators in the power that is ignorant and proud. So they can easily control him. And as he kills a lot of people, so the people hate him and they can also easily move him, if he does not listen to them. If a man like Sadam, can kill his oppositions easily and has no problems to kill more and more and they cannot use the people against him, as a lot of fear is in the hearts of people, and Sadam does not do what they dictate him, and the people afraid to do anything against him, so they let other army form different countries remove the man. You see by yourself, first they support Sadam and after a while, because he does not listen to them, they send army there and took him away from the power. Do you think how well Sadam could imagine? He could not even guess that his army cannot fight with US army and his alliance.


 A boy in elementary school can imagine that such a small country cannot fight with USA army plus some of the European army. A president of a country should be so ignorant that he cannot think, his army cannot fight and win in the battle field. A president who does not know the power of his army? And start a war that even not one present he could win. It is clear that to be president was too much for him. He destroyed his land, himself and his family and thousands families. The dictators as long as they listen to them, and kiss their hands and feet, they are OK and can govern the country. And their entire mistake and all their crimes is OK, until they start to say that is me and not you, who has the power. In the time that the dictator is out of their control, they have two ways to remove him, they can train some people in the same country to fight and bring him down, by huge advertisement, they can bring millions of people of the street and so with the time they will bring the dictator down. The guide so called revolution against the dictators, if that does not work, they plan for a codetta, and they pay some elite and powerful people to bring the dictator down. And if this way does not work, they mobilize other countries armies to attack that country and bring the dictator down. They are against the higher education for the majority of people. That means they do not want a lot people with higher degrees, so they cannot control them. So they will bring a lot of difficulties for the higher education. So the young people, most of them cannot reach their goal and study in the universities.


So they have a lot of young people without good education, it is easier for them to change them to robots to listen to what ever they order. And they use them to kill and destroy other people who are against their power. They prefer ignorant people; it is cheaper for them to keep them quite. The academic people are more expensive for them, to keep them quite. They should give them a lot of Their share to them. They want people who cannot tolerate other people and other cultures, so it is easier for them to train them. You have may be seen that they can train the youth of one country against the youth of the same country. As you saw the police bit the young man, he had no weapons with himself, and police also hit the girl who is standing before a door very cruelly. As they have the media communication; it is very easy for them to exaggerate a small event like a huge matter. They can produce form a normal man or even from an ignorant man; a philosopher or a huge statesman. You have seen the people like Sadam, who could not even speak another language, was in the top of government and he wanted to fight even with USA and their aliens. He thought he can fight and win? So they influence people through their media and force the people believe what they want.


They are against the writers and newspapers, universities and the people who think freely and understand the situation in the world better than normal people. They kill them and send them to bad places. I saw many people who had Master degree and work as a simple worker, as through the computers, sending information, so that nobody will hire them. So these people forced to work as simple worker to survive. This one million people have huge capitals and they have also important factories and business and media in their control and they can manage all of these possibilities and to make the middle class poor and poorer. They can destroy whom they want. And they have close to the half of the wealth of the world in their possession. You can calculate by yourself. About one million people have the access to 40% of the wealth of the whole world which is six billion people. This people are united and have program and plan, but the rest of the people who are about six billions have no program, no connection and no plan. They do not have any organization to give them a way. But the other side, have money, have enough super intelligent people, have the media in their control and a lot of writers and artists are hired by them. And a lot of other people are connected with them.


They are like eye in the one dollar bill and the rest of people are under them. They can control the world easily by their position. The people next to them in the pyramid are control the next step and so it comes down to the people who are poor and have nothing, they are the last in the pyramid. They have tubes and tunnels underground. They have palaces underground, so they do not afraid if an atom war happens. They have fast vehicles, they get very fast the daily information and they are the masters of the world. They love dictators, because they ignore the welfare of the people and they just think about themselves. They do not care if millions of their people are killed. And they do not care about education and welfare of the people. They give the dictators power to collect money and kill the people. And as long as the dictators are listening to them, they let them govern. But if they start to work for the people or for themselves and ignore them. So they let their media in the whole world speak or write badly about the dictator and good for the opposition.


So generally the people will change the dictator by force. If the people or the opposite party cannot bring him down, in that time they send forces to bring him down. As you saw they did this with Sadam of Iraq. All killing and disturbing and lack of food are planed by them. The artificial food shortage in 1914 in Iran which caused a lot of death of Iranian was planned by them. Millions of Iranian died, because there was no food for them available. They want to reduce the people, so they can control them easier. To rob, to disturb, to kill and bring hate between people is their devices. I heard that they do not even afraid from an atomic war. Because they have their tubs, their underground palaces, their possibilities to use underground vehicles. They love if the leader of two countries hate each other and want to fight. Now how can we fight against them? We should be united and tolerate each other completely. Friendship between all people living in the world. Unity between women, students, workers and other people. Totally respect of other religions, races and nationalities. Love all people living in the world and help them as far as we could. To increase the cultures and have a multi cultures understanding and totally respect. Try that all people have a better education and better understanding of each other. To bring the problems to the international court and not to fight for solving it. Acceptance of all religions and cultures even if we cannot believe it.


For example a Moslem should accept the Jew believe as a fact and respect it. Because both side think they are rights and the other side in wrong. So it is better we accept both of them. Everything is relative; an action which is bad in one culture can be perfect in other culture. So if we do not respect other people idea, they will not respect ours and that is the beginning of hate and war. That is exactly the people who govern the world like to have. To be cruel, selfish and indifferent. Humanity should be the base of the people, they should be nice and friendly to each other and their measurement should be love and respect, not religion, nationalities or races. Love and Unity is important. We should have a simple and free Just. Which can help the people to have their just? Now to get a Just is so expensive that many people cannot go after that. Education about other religions, cultures so that the people should know that other thinking is OK, too. For example in Germany , the German students learn about Islam and Quran so they know they are not extra ordinary and their book is also close to the Bible. Or very similar. The Moslem children also learn about Christians. But now the Moslem learn that the Christian are dirty and they do not wash themselves after coming out of restroom and they clean themselves only with papers.


They have no moral and they sleep with each other without marriage certificate. The Wes girls are like prostitute and they sleep with the men who are not their husbands. The Christian say the same, they dirty as the clean themselves with the hand and water instead of using paper for the restrooms. They put their females in the veil, so they cannot be like human being, they should be hidden as the men are so wild and can attack them. Their women cannot do sport, as they should have veil in the time that they perform sport, so they get wet and smell badly. Many times I heard that the Moslem parent bit very cruel their daughters as they have sort of boy friend or close male friend. The Moslem without good education thinks the Christian are bad and dirty and they are out of religion. And so the European radical have the same idea about the Moslem. They are dirty and ignorant. The best way it to educate the people that other side is fine, too even if they perform differently. And nothing is total absolute in the world.


The only facts that all of us agree is the knowledge, which is performed in the laboratories. But the system in the world want the opposites, you are right, they are wrong and they say the same thing to the other groups. They select ignorant and stupid people and they train them to be the head of a nation, like a puppet and they control him. They are not elected leader by the people, but they are a selection of the people who run the world. As they can introduce a mad man as a philosopher to the people. So they destroy the people and their wealth and make them poorer and needier. Now we see that ignorant people are on the top of government and as they have money they can people to kill the oppositions. They love dictators, because first it is easier for them to handle with one person. Second it is more difficult to have discussion with a lot of people, who will protect their people interest. So they give a lot of power to the dictators so they can control the populations. To satisfy one person and his friends is much more easier than to satisfy the whole population. It is clear that to make few people rich is much cheaper than making a lot of people rich.

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