Irans Struggle

From: Irans Struggle

My heart is split when it comes to the situation in our beautiful nation, half my heart wants revenge for the death of our young, but the other half feels pity for the Basiji because they are still our Iranian brothers, that have been brainwashed from a young age by the mullahs.

I do not want to see another Iranian die in this conflict, but unfortunately i no that if we continue in this path many more will. That is why i ask my brothers and sisters to reduce our casualties by not confronting the Guards or the Basiji head on in these insignificant street battles. We do not possess or have the means of acquiring the weapons and training to turn these street battles into a form of guerrilla warfare were we can be victorious. Even if we did it is my opinion that more violence only creates more violence, the best way for our people to protest against the ruling mullahs is by peaceful means. We have already lost 40+ of our fellow Iranians and i have not heard of the death of even one Basiji or Gaurd. It is obvious that these street battles are pointless and by taking part in them you risk losing your life when you could have fought against the mullahs in a more effective way.

The most effective way to strike a blow to the mullahs is to hurt the economy. This is essential mainly because we are not the ones who are in control of the economy, the strength of the Basiji and the Gaurds are basically funded from our hard work. It is our money that goes towards their paychecks, guns, batons, motorcycles, armor and bullets. That is why i believe that the next step for all Iranians should be to end the street battles and take part in a nationwide strike for at least once or twice a week, until enough support is gained to make a permanent strike. This will show our unity and allow every Iranian, including those who fear being killed or are to old to protest, to show their support for this movement so that it doesn’t die. All activities were the government makes a monetary gain from should be put to a halt (this includes all businesses, taxis, buses), all educational institutions should be shut down, all major intersections should be blocked off by peaceful protesters who instead of throwing rocks sit in the streets blindfolded. The reason for the blindfolds is that it will create a sense of defenselessness and solidarity among the protesters, and prove to the rest of the country that the citizens who are being killed are not rioters and there deaths can no longer be justified. The death of a peaceful protester will have a greater impact and create greater support then the death of a protester who was throwing rocks, it will also cause the mullahs to lose more support.

If you disagree with my views please post your opinion on the best way to deal with our situation.

Thank you for reading and stay safe, and always remember together we can make a change.

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