Enjoy these photos of protest graffiti on Iranian banknotes

Iran’s central bank is so frustrated it has apparently given up an effort to withdraw them from circulation.

If you’ve never see these bills and some of the clever slogans you are in for a treat.   You’ll even see translations into English underneath the photos. 

How deeply satisfying this tactic must be for millions of frustrated and angry citizens.  Now they can express themselves in a way that the regime can’t stop.  Maybe news of the Central Bank’s surrender will cause even more people to get involved until every single banknote in Iran has a public protest. 

Let Khamenei’s propagandists try to proclaim the regime’s vast popularity then. Let the Basilj have their fun clubbing those banknotes.   Imagine the face of vicious clerics like Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, Jannati, Ahmed Khatami, Taeb and Mezbah Yazdi as they receive such a note in change.  Imagine the secret smirk of the Iranian who hands it over.   I’d imagine these thugs will enjoy spending such currency a bit less.


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