Say when?

Watching the Frontline documentary on Neda was like reliving the excruciating experience of passing kidney stone. All the ambivalent feelings of the time came rushing back.

On the one hand seeing people power being peacefully manifested was an immense source of pride and joy. On the other hand knowing what the Islamist Rapists are capable of doing was an ever present feeling of dread.

It would not be too far fetched to claim the unfolding events of the time in Iran were the most videotaped people uprising in the history of mankind. Watching hour after hour of millions of Iranians braving the Islamist cutthroats with the knowledge that at any moment any one of them could be in the crosshair of the regime’s rooftop sharpshooters and knowing nothing can be done to prevent the coldblooded murder in progress was emasculating.

Of course much is known about some of the price exacted on those who dared to ask for their rights, all the raping, torturing and murders which have taken place ever since.   

There are those who preach dialogue with the Islamist Rapists will eventually win the day. Fine, then it is incumbent upon them to clearly spell out their step by step plan for transforming such shameless cutthroat regime into any tolerable ruling entity. 

Just labeling all those who advocate the overthrow of the regime as warmongers might feel good and be a politically correct populist stand to take, but what do they propose to be done with such regime?

It is also incumbent upon them to say at what point a regime such as the Islamist Rapist Republic becomes illegitimate and worthy of all efforts to overthrow it.  


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