Dirty Walking

Your shoes are the dirtiest part of your clothing, or one would hope it’s the dirtiest part! A shoe is similar to your car tires that go over things unthinkable. Around noon today I began to think of this topic. Awareness comes from deep experiences within, and mine today was no different!

Today I was walking with Jim who is a chain smoker and coffee addict. In one hand he was holding his large cup of coffee and in the other his cigarettes. We were passing a newly developed building where many construction workers were giving it their final touches. About ten feet a head was standing a man with a hard hat who began to make noises coming from depth of his gut. A search for a mucous continued with constant deep scratchy sound similar to a loud choking noise. Success! His mouth movements was apparently striving to keep what he had caught and gradually moving it forward. Sudden success was accompanied with a release of spit on the sidewalk: huge lake like piece of gooey material that slowly drove down to the corner side. I was lucky to have noticed and jumped to avoid it, but Jim walked right through it. The slippery gooey mucous spit covered his entire shoe and next thing you know, he raised his hands while his feet tripped forward as if he was slipping on ice. The lead of the cup fell behind his neck and the coffee poured on his head. 

It all happened so fast. He painfully screamed, “aah my butt” as he landed on his buttock. It seemed as if his senses were delayed, he screamed “ouch” pointing to his wet head from the hot coffee. Adding salt to a fresh wound I began to laugh loud. Laughing is under statement. I could not breath. I was grabbing my stomach while tears running my eyes. I was in pain. My abs were pushing hard and I felt the danger of peeing. How horrible…of me, so shameful. 

Jim is not speaking to me, but this incident encouraged me to write this blog and search your opinion. We walk on every disgusting “things” with our shoes, and in the United States we got this horrible culture of people walking around their homes or other people’s homes with their shoes on. I am wondering why there are no real awareness programs on the media to promote a cleaner culture and social understanding about this disgusting habit of many. 

Jim that day went home and walked with his shoes to his kitchen and grabbed a soda to sip while having his cigarette. He then sat on his couch, rested his feet on top of his coffee table and inhaled a deep drag to his lungs. His microwave beeped indicating his dinner is ready. He then put the fork and dish on the same table, got his food and started eating his dinner…


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