As expected, IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has officially announced that it is not going to ship its low enriched uranium anywhere but is open to buying uranium fuel rods from overseas.

This of course will put a frown on all the happy faces who after the much ballyhooed Geneva meeting between the five plus one and the IRR emissaries which included a first ever private official meeting between the American and IRR sides were so optimistic that the Islamist beast has been semi-tamed.

Well apparently not so, and will not ever. It seems the sane world has not yet grasped the full picture of what monstrosity in the form of Islamist Rapist Republic they are dealing with. There are times one thinks the sane world is pulling a prank with this unbelievable display of naïveté and anytime soon will turn around and say ha-ha fooled you.

Buying into all the horse pucky pushed by the lobbyists and bookish academics about IRR being “pragmatist” and not having a death wish, or that given the right set of circumstances it is “reformable” or that it is “insecure” and given the right set of security guarantees and financial incentives it will play ball, all poppycock.

Listen up, as long as the Islamist Rapists, any and all of them, including the ultimate insider “opposition” ones are in power there will not be any peace in the Middle East, no stability to the oil market and the ever present danger of regional conflagration which will quickly spread far and wide.

As long as in the hope of cutting deals with the Islamist Rapists the lighthouse of freedom dims its lights or turns its back on those who stand up to their tyrants, there will be no improvement to be had.

Before it is too late and the nuke acquiring IRR imposes a devastating conflict on Iran and the region, the sane world has to step in. Airtight sanctions in tandem with unremitting moral and material support to the Iranian people to soften the sanction blow and make the overthrowing the Islamist menace is a must.

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