Is there anything more dreadful than a cold grey November day?

What could brighten it?


How about a ray of sunshine, bundled in a soft pink blanket?

That will do nicely – I say!

Within moments of emerging from the warm womb

The arrival of my one and only niece

The little sausage

Is broadcasted everywhere.

From Tehran to LA and every dot in between

Blackberries ring, monitors ping, cell phones sing

She is here. Oh yes – she is here


A multitude of phone calls criss-cross

The Atlantic, the Pacific

Even the Baltic and the Adriatic

She has arrived – She is here

Hip hip Hooray

From the moment of conception

To the moment of birth

Each and every move of this little bean

Is avidly observed

By jubilant grandparents

Many uncles and aunts

Prim and proper female cousins

And rambunctious male ones

Two goodly brothers

An ecstatic father

A roundish expectant mother

Hold hands and cuddle tight

As they wait for the delight   

She is coming – She is on her way

We see her move in the womb

We see her get bigger

And give her Mummy the first quiver   

A kick was delivered

A tiny heart beat was registered

All this down the phone line – we heard.   

After each visit to the doctor, we’d ask

What did he say?

How long will this wait last?   

She is well.  Soon here she’ll be  

The final excruciatingly slow weeks drag and drag

We can barely contain our brag

The final touch to the nursery is complete

For the tiny rose – the ultimate treat

A brother loses half of his room – willingly

Another gives up part of the bathroom – seemingly!  

Banisters are secured

Windows draped

Corners and edges, firmly caped

A crib in cream-colored maple

A cradle lined with lace.

Soft toys, dolls and oodles of clothing

Find on shelves and in drawers, their place

A collective gnaw at nails and knuckles begins

The family gathers for the final stretch

A whole tribe starts to pray

For grace

We hear of the dilation – centimeter after centimeter

We wring our hands, wait and wait

Another ring on the phone – and a few moments later

Our monitors are splashed with the first picture of a new daughter

A miracle, a joy – one wonderful treasure

A big head (ouch), huge red cheeks, a tiny mouth

Half-moon closed eyes, cute ears – a full head of hair  

She is a darling – an angel. Nothing can compare

We shed tears at the first feeding

As she puts her rosebud lips to the breast half sleeping

And later while she is carried outside

We curse the cold London air for touching this little bride   

A picture in front of the house

Flowers, balloons and loads of smiles

Brothers ever so happy

Mother exhausted – elated, bright

And the father – overjoyed, grinning with pride

We see the first bath

Of the little poppet

A tiny tush

Curled up limbs

A round tummy

Fingers and toes wiggling silly


The first real smile

Is that a dimple on her right cheek?

What a poser? What a charmer?

She looks like Baba! Oh no – more Mama

Hang on – chimes in the old Nanny

Those are the eyes of one classy Grandma!

Across the waters, the old lady beams

And for now – everyone agrees

Inside of a week everybody has forgotten

The life they once had before her   

We have yet to hold her

But have already opened

A huge space in our hearts

With adoration for her

She is everything one could ever want in a baby

Health, Hope and Happiness

A bright future

We send our plea to the One above

A wonderful life for this newborn we request

And please – lots of love

Life will never be the same

Life is better now, we know

For what could possibly be grander than a new she

Right before the winter snow.

Welcome Sweetie.  Welcome to our world.

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