My first deleted comment

For the first time in months, I noticed that my comment has been deleted from Fred’s  “short of war” blog and the blog has been locked to additional comments. I’m here to apologize to the readers of the site and also to JJ for any inappropriateness in my tone. While I still believe that my post was not profane I admit it could have been stated more appropriately. For those who haven’t seen it, here is the revised version:

  “Jaleho & 2 zari This is unlike you Jaleho to jump in “Paa berahneh” in the middle of an exchange just to announce you are back. For the sake of little credibility you might have, why don’t you read the entire thread and my comments before repeating the same nonsense that the other 2-zari guy is spewing. Have a great night and welcome back.”

 The inappropriate part of my comment was using “K**n berahneh” instead of “Paa berahneh”. Nonetheless, I’m sorry.

Whether that comment had anything to do with blocking additional comments or not, I agree with JJ that the Blog had served its purpose and the later comments were becoming more and more irrelevant (Thanks to the gentleman who threw his first 2 zari in the mix).

While we are at it, I wanted to make one clarifying statement about this whole business of sanction and war, etc…Call it childish, throw all sorts of stones at me, but I look at this as a series of simple multiple choice questions:

 1-Assuming IRR insists on dual purpose enrichment, which response do you choose?

             a) Negotiate and use diplomacy to find a compromise

            b) Apply targeted (smart) sanctions to pressure IRR to submission

            c) Use surgical attacks to destroy enrichment facilities

            (Please note that “none of the above” is not one of the choices)

 2-If you chose (a), what would you choose if (a) fails.

             a) Apply targeted (smart) sanctions

             b) Use surgical attacks

            c) Encourage IRR to attack Israel


I realize that things are a lot more complex and sophisticated but, my simple mind functions only in simple logic. You can start shooting, NOW…… 

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