1929 Reza Shah & 2009 Antarinejad; what a descent

Its almost 4am in China now.  I am sitting in my hotel room because I can’t sleep.  Time in Los Angeles, what my body is programmed to is about noon.  Nothing but CNN on TV so I connected to my PC in the U.S. via a VPN and started reading emails and browsing the net.  As I got done with emails, I started browsing iranian.com

The first thing I read/saw was a short video of Ahmadinejad’s trip to Venezuela posted by Mr. Bahram 9821; it showed how the Hugo Chavez’s military orchestra had played the “soroode shahanshi” for Antarinejad.  It was a great moment.  What irony!  You could only see that in movies.

But there was something else in the video that started boiling my blood.  It was the site of Antari and his wife, in full black chador, getting off the airplane stepping down an open staircase.  Here was the representative of Iran and Iranian people.  A guy that looks like a monkey, cannot speak a foreign language, doesn’t shower but maybe twice a year and his goh tar looking wife in a chador; just like the rakhtshoor that used to come to my grandparents home on Thursdays around 45 years ago.  

What a pity.  What a shame.  Iran, a once proud country and Iranians, once represented by likes of Reza Shah the great are now represented by a dirty monkey and sakineh rakhtshoor. 

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