What is I.R.D.D. ?

IRDD is not Islamic Republic of Diehard Dicks! No. It stands for “Islamic Reality Deficit Disorder”. This is a subset of the well researched and widely accepted and diagnosed psychological disorder called Reality Deficit Disorder.
IRDD started several centuries ago (no one knows exact date) when it was first said “Islam deene baradari va barabareest”. Lets examine this statement which goes to the foundation of this so called religion. Are women baraabar with men in Islamic countries? The answer is a resounding NO! How about non Muslims? Are THEY baraabar with Muslim? hmmmm, the answer is a resounding no again. Just ask Zorasterians, Jews, Bahais, Christians, Asooris inside or outside Iran.

Many of the posters on i.com also suffer from advanced case of IRDD. These are the people who promote “reform” of the Islamic regime. These are the people believe the Shah was far worse than lets say Khamenie. These are the people who believe Jews and AIPAC rule the universe, except for Iran and Palestine. These are the people who put an Arab Palestinian thug who will kill an Iranian protestor for $20 but would not bat an eye if a half dozen Iranian Bahais are jailed for 2 years for no reason or scores of Jews are forced to leave Iran so that Iran is cleansed of them.

Currently, there is no treatment for IRDD. With time its hoped that short of a cure at least a way is found to manage this disease.

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