Daring America

The recent news of five Brits having been taken in by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic adding them to the three Americans taken few months back adding them to tens of thousands of Iranians taken in over the years topped by the decision to build another ten nuke sites–are only the latest in a long series of dare-you-do-anything-about-it moves.

Despite what the Islamist Rapists say the verifiable facts are:

1-IRR’s military power when comparing it with a modern war machinery of the West amounts next to nothing, not even a serious nuisance.

2-IRR‘s often stated belief that with America engaged in two fronts she is unable to start another military engagement is patently false. The U.S. conventional military was designed and equipped to face up to Warsaw Pact on multiple fronts.  The Islamist Rapists should not believe their own propaganda, the awesome air and naval power of U.S. is intact and more than enough by a factor of gazillion to in a matter of days if not hours rendering all the antiquated armament of IRR useless.

By now it should be clear to all that the new U.S. administration is not the panacea many were hoping it to be; its first and foremost obligation is safeguarding America’s vital national interests starting with her security.

Softer gentler language should not be mistaken for a fundamental reevaluation of what constitutes vital American national interests; the Islamist Rapists are recklessly threatening those interests and at some point will be meeting the reality of American military might.

Unfortunately IRR is shielded by Iran and Iranians and that is why all needs to be done to bring the regime down without allowing it to impose a cataclysmic war on the nation.

Before the nuke acquiring IRR goes beyond the point of no return there is still precious time to avoid war. The sane world has to openly and unremittingly help enslaved Iranians with material and moral support to overthrow their common enemy. Time to head off disaster is at hand.  




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