Journal of Greek, Roman, and Persian Studies. Volume 2


Mithras Reader – An academic and religious journal of Greek, Roman, and Persian Studies. Volume 2
is available as a download from:

Section 1 academic papers:
Factors determining the outside projection of the Mithraic Mysteries by Dr. Israel Campos Méndez.
The Mithras Liturgy: cult liturgy, religious ritual, or magical theurgy? Some aspects and considerations of the Mithras Liturgy from the Paris Codex and what they may imply for the origin and purpose of this spell by Kim Huggens.

Section 2 Arts:
‘For example Mithras’ part II exhibition by Farangis Yegane: The Suncircle, The Wind, Mithras slaying the Bull, The Sacrifice in the Abrahamic Religions.
Mithras-Phanes art piece by James Rodriguez.
Temple of Mithra in Garni, Armenia, photos by Jalil Nozari.
Mithras artistic depiction by Robert Kavjian.

Section 3 Religious articles:

MITHRAS SOL INVICTUS Invocation by M. Hajduk.
Ode to Aphrodite by Sappho, translated by Harita Meenee.
Norooz Phiroze by Farida Bamji.
Disappearing Shrines and Moving Shrines by S. David.
The Sleeping Lord by Katherine Sutherland.
The right handed handshake of the Gods by Payam Nabarz.

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