Six till airtight

With IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic giving the finger to the sane world doing as it wishes including its illegal nuke program in direct contravention to IAEA and United Nation Security Council’s enforceable resolutions, the question is what to do about it.

Although airtight sanctions to quicken the overthrow of the Islamist Rapists is the shortest route, till the required cooperation is assembled, the light house of freedom can do more than she is already doing. Here are just six suggestions:  

1- Bringing to bear the untapped mighty power of U.S. Treasury in the form of stricter directives/heftier fines to the clearinghouses processing Islamist Rapists’ financial transactions. Give Stuart Levey more latitude.

2- With the new law already in place, actively encouraging acceleration of divestment actions by pensions and other funds.   

3- Cross checking names of known Islamist Rapists with naturalization and permanent residency records to see if they have violated their provisions and when possible by law publishing the list of IRR officials’ U.S. immigration status. It would do more damage to IRR than is imagined.

4- A lot of Islamist Rapists maintain second home(s), some with second set of wife and children, commercial and other properties mostly in Canada, but some in U.S., publishing those data would make it possible for their victims to go after it in courts and leaving Iranian national treasures alone. Islamist Rapists and their lobbies are getting lot of mileage out of that stupid move.

5- Giving public diplomacy some oomph, directing the spooks at Fort Mead, Langley and wherever else they congregate to publish some of the personal information they must have collected on Islamist Rapist officials.

6- After thirty years come up with an Iran policy.

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