O God! Please help us!

Ahmadinejad has said that we have two important missions; the first mission is to build Iran, and the second mission is to get ready to enter into the management of the world.  He told a bunch of geniuses and cultured Esfahnies that we must seriously participate in the management of the world.  We should not allow the ones that have ruled the world for 400 years to impose their exploitive conditions on us.

He emphasized that the essential element that puts us on a spot higher than them and gives us the opportunity to manage and construct the world is the element of culture.  He said we want to fix the world’s economy and politics, but our chance is limited, but the main element that affects us in this arena is solely our cultural element that has a deep root in our country.

He continued, if we enter into the world’s relationship with a cultural angle all arenas would belong to the Iranian people and it is for this reason that cultural affairs is our priority.

In reply to a representative of the religious minorities in Esfahan he stipulated that we are not like those uncultured Westerners that whenever there is a problem they insult all that is sacred to the Muslims and/or prevent construction of mosques and minarets.

Farsnews:   http://www.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=8809120263

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