Hell to pay

Under the severest of circumstances imaginable the Student Day was just commemorated in Iran by more than just the students.

The IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic uniformed and plain clothes goons used cattle prods, live rounds, all sorts of crowd dispersing gases, slashing with automobile fan belts, ax handles and other creative ways of using everyday implements for inflicting death and misery on the enslaved Iranian population.

Although the Islamist Rapists had ordered the foreign media to stand down for three days while they were taking care of business, news of people having come out in numbers and in many cities has reached the sane world. So has the some of the details of savageries by IRR and the number of arrests.

The question is for how long the beleaguered Iranians can afford being beaten up, shot at, raped and murdered in cold blood at Islamist Rapists’ rape centers without impunity.  For how long is the sane world going to stand idly by, like it did during the “election” time, witnessing all these transgressions on the most basic of human rights and do not a damn thing.

The enslaved Iranian people are standing up to armed to the teeth Islamist Rapists and need help in their epic battle. The outcome of this fight will shape the future of Middle East for generations to come.

Should the democracy craving, western world leaning, America admiring Iranian people win, the chances of sanity gaining foothold in the region and spreading is multiplied by a large factor.

On the other hand should the forces of nuke acquiring messianic Islamist Rapists succeed in quashing yet again the freedom aspiring people, there will be hell to pay by not just the people of the region but by all.

Before it is too late America has to throw in her moral and material weight backing up the people, the alternative will be far costlier in more ways than one.

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