The story of Sorush and Punak,a negative love story

The story of Sorush and his wife PunakMs Punak wants to destroy my life and for this action she did a nice program. To see how it happens, I should explain a little bit more. In the past I had a much closed friend whom I trusted a lot and I was teacher of his children, Mr. Morteza needed badly money to repair his building which was located in Bahjatabad in Tehran, that he could free them from the people who occupied them and used the buildings without paying any rent. He cried so many times and asked for help so bitterly and he promised so many times that he will pay back just in twenty days, so I slowly trusted him more. The buildings needed badly repair, as the people destroyed it completely.

He said you work in the Embassy School and at the university as an instructor and you have so many German friends and foreign friends; they earn a lot of money in Iran. Ask them and barrow money from them for me, I will finish the building and rent or lease the different apartments and shops in the buildings very fast, and I will give you the money very fast back. Believe me; you can see by yourself, the buildings needed badly repair.

Please, help me, I have only you here in Iran as good friend, all my friends and family have gone to other countries. See your students, my children, they are hungry. They cannot study when they are hungry? Can they? I will never forget your help. I need just for twenty days the money; just twenty days. I got 60,000 DM, German Mark from my German friends and gave the money to him. He gave me receipt in Rials. I did not know that he can have a plan. And he will misuse the inflation in Iran to rob the money. In twenty days German Mark and Iranian Rials will not have a big different. But he did not give the money back in 20 days. Not even in two months. He delayed, and he asked for six more months’ time. Later he asked for one year more, two years, three years. Than he was tired of my patient. He said I am tired of your asking. Go and get your money through the ministry of Just. We have law and regulation in Iran. I am not the only man who owes money, and you are not the only man who gave some money to somebody.

In the time, he got the money the German Mark was less than 50 Rials, and in the time I got the money; one Mark was over 250 Rials. Five times more he gained the value of the money. With inflation of about 30% in Iran after seven years instead of 20 days, he gained a lot of money. The court system in Iran like the court system in the USA is very generous of the pocket of regular people, and in Iran the interest is not allowed to take by private people. In Islam it is verboten to get interest from people. It was for the time that the money was gold or silver and could keep its value, and not the paper money with %30 inflation. To make the delay, he went every other day to the different police stations and claim against me. The police will come later to my house to take me to the police station and from there to the court. Every day that he did this action, he gained money from the inflation, and he did this on purpose; just to delay the action of the court. With other words the whole court system and the policemen were his toys for him of gaining more money. The judges and the people in the court system were all his devices and his robots or his toys human for his play. He wrote that I am a spy of German Embassy, I am not a Moslem and I teach at the university to the innocent Moslems kids to change their religion from Islam to Baha’i or Christianity, which it is in Iran a criminal case. After he destroyed my life, and I lost seven years of my best years to fight with him, he lost the case. He should pay 500,000 Rials to the government of Iran and should have slashed also, because he told lie. And I got my 7000,000 Rials for the 60,000 DM I gave him, which was one fifth of the value of the German Mark. He gave in reality just 12,000 DM to me. And because of the weakness of the law, he gained so much money.

If the law would considered my lost and the inflation or forced him to pay me the real value of my payment, he maybe would not continue the same thing with other people. And he would not play with the system and misuse a lot of judges and policemen for his cheating activities. But for this unjust, he played with the judges and policemen like toys and robots. As this play make for him a fortune and he used the system for his own benefits. He knew the system and had misused it. He robbed my capital, or the capital that I got for him just for twenty days and I was responsible to pay back from my own money. He gave me one fifth of the money and the rest I have to pay. Later he did the same thing and this time he was sent to the prison and he died.

Sorrowfully my family by seeing this condition thought, they can do the same thing to me. And they can also misuse me. So the money that I sent to the USA to my family has been destroyed and I did not get the same value. Morteza used the Baha’i religion as a device to make money and with influence he had and by spending part of my money against me, he could destroy me easily. He sent letters to the university that I am there to guide the innocent Moslem children to the Christianity or Baha’ism. My mother and wife were Baha’i and I was teacher also in Christian school. So they send me out of the work, and I was not allowed to teach any more. That was a reward from him to me, because I helped him. As parts of my family were Baha’i, I could not come out of his trap. The government of Iran told me if I write articles in the newspapers against Baha’i Faith and Christianity, I could continue my job. I respected these two religions; I had friends and family in these both religions, how can I write articles again these religions. So I was persecuted and he misused the time and condition and this matter totally. I should explain here that my father was a colonel in the police forces and his father was an ayatollah, he was Mr. Seyed Addel and his father was Mirsa Seyed Abdolhossein, my father was the owner of the institute of God Imams, and with his painting activities he teaches Islam to the people. He was a painter and he was famous in his time, and he was also responsible owner of the third Imam Foundation, and son-in-law of a great Iranian champion Mr. Seyed Hajji Hassan an international and national wresting champion, who has never lose. And nobody could win over him.

My father was a hard believer in Islam and he did not allowed me to have any contacts with the Baha’is children and I could not go to the Baha’is moral classes held on Fridays in Iran. I had no knowledge about Baha’i faith. My mother also gave him her words and promises that she never will speak anything with me about the Baha’i faith. But I was called by the Moslem children dog Baha’i, or Abbass Afandi (effendi), with bad words after those name…they attacked me almost every day and through to me stones and dirt’s, and I have to listen to a lot of bad words coming from their mouths, and mostly sexual bad words about the Baha’is and their founder, which I shy here to repeat them. Also among the Baha’i children and Baha’i people I did not have a much better condition, I had problems but not so big as with the Moslem kids but not encouraging, too. They called me child of a Seyed in a very negative manner, child of a clergy man also in a negative way, or Moslem child again with a negative meaning. After I was grown up, I had now different problems and different difficulties for marriage purpose. The Baha’i girls in my level did not want to marry me, as my father was Moslem and I had Moslem brothers and sisters and also Moslem family. And the Moslem girls had the same action, they did not want to marry me as my mother and parts of my family were Baha’is.

After the revolution in Iran, as I was over thirty years old, first I could marry. I was teacher in the Embassy School and teacher or instructor at the university, the Embassy paid me more than a normal college teacher in Tehran. I was a very beloved instructor at the university. Ms. Punak was a student who has been sent out of school, because she was Baha’i. Again sorrowfully her father was not nice to me and I do not know why he was so unfriendly and impolite towards me. I was an open minded person and he misused my condition. He tried to make me small and dominate me. One example, one day in a family party, I said a word, and he said; I have poor knowledge of Persian language and pronounced the word wrongly?

He tried to make fun of me and show the audience that he knows more than me. And so he could gain his satisfaction. He said what type of professor are you, that you pronounce the word so false. The poor students who should learn from you. I had no other choice to bring the dictionary and defend myself. I opened the dictionary and showed the word that I pronounced to the people, so the word that he insists is right was wrong according to the dictionary. I proved that I am right and he was wrong. He was very angry and upset. As now everybody knows he was impolite and wrong, and he was unfair and rude to me. He asked me later why I brought him so down in the presence of so many people and in that society. I could say to him later, that he was wrong. I said why you did attack me in the society? And you started the fight with the words and so the people started to make fun of me, I had no other choice to save my reputation.

I think he had hated me from that day and was looking for a time and place to revenge. He was looking of possibilities to bring me down again. That was just one example. He wanted to destroy my authorities against my own children, too. My children through his wrong doing did not respect me totally.

I saw in Iran, they do not give me work, so I was looking for a solution. My sister was living in the USA and she was very close to me and I helped her as far as I could. She wrote that you and Punak could work easily here and she can continue her study also. Your children can study very well here and the universities are easy here to enter. You all will have no problem here at all. So send whatever you can to me and I will buy houses for you. The money that I could save from Morteza, sent to my sister. She told me that her husband is and engineer, a nice man and we both will help you. I could not go out of Iran for a while because of Baha’i problem again. After 16 years I could go to the USA and see my sister. She told me, the USA is so good and you will have a lot of opportunities here, even if you come illegally here, it will be fine? But in the time that I was in the USA, there was another picture. Her husband was eighteen years older than her. He did not study at all and could not speak English properly after he was over forty years in the USA. He did not have a good job and he sold materials in the Flee Market. He could not even speak Persian properly. My sister had PhD from USA and study also Post PhD in America. The whole money I sent was almost destroyed and just part of it was available. As they saw me, with empty hands of money, he was not willing to cooperate with me anymore. And he wanted that I pay for all his mistake and or losing the money. If I did not marry, I could say to them, OK give whatever you can. But my family expected another situation in the USA. Their dream was a nice one, but now I saw their dream of USA is destroyed by the situation. My sister and her husband did not have any interest any more for me. As long as I had the money and could send it, they were nice. But now my hands were completely empty of money. The husband of my sister was a relax man who had been in America for almost forty years.


He did not try to learn and study, he worked and spend money and had a nice life and wears expensive clothes or suits. He showed my sister a dream by taking her to expensive restaurants and nice places and spends good money at that time. So my sister thought, that will continue like that. He gambled and may be that time he won some money or he used his credit cards. In Iran, you have to buy everything cash, if you have a car; that is yours. If you have a house that is yours. If you spend money that is your saving and /or cash money of yours. You can imagine that for an Iranian, they think that all American are super rich. Because they think whatever they have, they are theirs. They do not know that eighty to ninety present or sometimes hundred present of the house or car or furniture belong to the banks. And the people here live with loan or credits. He had may be negative money and his salary could not cover his payments. After the marriage ceremony my sister found out the situation, but she did not want to divorce right away, she thought that her mother and I will get very upset. So she tried to stay with him, but at the end she divorced him. And as I said all the real cash money I sent from Iran to my sister had been misused by him. And he does not want to cooperate with me anymore.


My friendly sister now changed to an indifferent person to me. So I had no other choice to try in Iran again. Now my sister told me; Iran is much better than here and you know the people and the culture and the language very well. It is better to stay in Iran and I will send you part of your money back to you. She said me now totally opposite what she had written to me for many years. She changed hundred eighty degree her position. Before that I was the best brother in the world because whatever she wanted I sent to her. I even borrowed money with high interest and send to her, as I thought she is doing a good business there and she encourage me to send as much money as I can. I loved her very much, but she did not concern so much about me anymore. She tried now to find an excuse to push me down. May be the girls or sisters who married, they changed their minds about their brothers or sisters and they think they have now a new family, which is closer to them. My sister had a boy, who was very beloved by her. He replaced all of the old family for her. With other words, I was persecuted in Iran and I did not have a very high class job anymore and I did not make a huge salary as I did before.


 And all my saving was gone, so she thought she cannot use me anymore and she did not need me anymore. In the past she was just a student in the USA and needed me badly but now she thought she is independent from me; so she does not want me anymore. After being in Tehran again, the husband of aunt of my wife told me that your father in law has only finished six classes and you should not expect that he can understand your sentences and your knowledge. But now he had another positive page for him and negative of mine in his hand. Now he could easier say that I make a mistake and my sister and her husband could run over me and have cheated me; as I was a simple man. This situation and this negative attitude of my family were very hard for me now. I told them, all of you are Baha’i and you believe in that Faith. It is better for all of us that we bring the situation in a local spiritual assembly of the Baha’is and whatever they say, I will accept. But sorrowfully my sister did not accept my proposal and my suggestions. She did not what the Baha’is solve our problems. I do not know why. May she afraid that I get the right and she will not get the right.


You know that with the money that I sent to my sister; I could buy houses in Tehran which could be a good support for me. So now just as Morteza told me, they told me, too. Go and hire an attorney and so we will solve the matter in the court of law. And they gave eight hundred dollars from my poor money to an attorney to support them. And he wrote a letter to me and treated me. You know the only documents I had was the letters of my sister in which she mentioned that I sent her money. These letters were in Persian and they should translate into English and be certified in the USA. The husband told me; go to the court and if you come here, I will call the police to take you to jail with your hands closed. The same story and action that Morteza did with me; now he was trying to perform. Like Morteza that goes every other day to the different police station and claim against me and I have to go to the police station and from there to the different courts in different section of Tehran. I heard that he gave to the whole police station Persian food Kebab with rice. Now I should come back to the USA for the second time. And I had no place to sleep and have to stay the whole day and night on the streets of city. I have to go after work and a place to rent. I had no money at all. I started to work at a Seven Eleven co. and a church gave me a place in the church to sleep. After the paperwork, evaluation and credit review or accreditation, I could be a teacher and instructor in high school and college for German, Latin, Arabic and political science. I did also the hard paperwork for the visa of my family and all four kids and my wife get visa to come here.


I had spoken and insist so many times to the different senators and different house of representatives, that I am just a teacher and cannot pay few months costs of my family in Europe or Pakistan; so I influence them to give visa in one day to my family; if they go to Dubai. First the families of my wife were very happy and admire me as I could bring all of my family easily to the USA, but later they have another attitude. They were very nice for few days. But later they thought; it was so easy to come to the USA, just like as they have gone to next Persian city, close to Tehran. Now they wanted video camera, cellular phones, DVD, VCR, new cars and new furniture and…. I bought with the help of the bank a nice house for them. A five bedrooms house in city. And again like in Iran, they told me if you did not give your money to your sister and your friend in Iran, we had now a much better life. Again my wife and her father push my young son Piruz to be against me and blame everything on me. They told my son, that I am a very simple hearted man and everybody can cheat me. That I was not a good student in the high school and had poor scores. They could not understand that my father was over thirteen years sick and fight with cancer, until in the time that I was sixteen he had died. I had always almost for thirteen years a sick father who was fighting with the cancer.


I lost him in a very bad condition, he was just bones and skin before he died ; more than one year he could not walk and he was in bed. Sometimes blood came from his month. He could not even move in the bed. I was twelve years old as he was badly sick and he was sick for nine years before that also. It is very hard for a boy to have a sick father for all his life. But her( my sister husband) has gone to the high school of my son Piruz and gave him fifty dollars cash and a coat. And spoke negative about me. First my son told me the whole story, but later he was in their side. But still he told me, that was my mistake to give money to my friend in Iran and to my sister. He said that was their money and their future money I gave to Morteza in Iran and to my sister in the USA. I was not clever and was a simple man, with the negative meaning. How could I even imagine that my friend and sister will change their attitude hundred eighty degrees? I have grown up with this attitude that I have to help people if I can and I should not be indifferent and I had to trust the people.


I was a victim of the useless society and a legion of judges and inspectors were working against me in the court system of Iran. To me ;they told me that is not my problem, what can I do for you go away and come tomorrow, but for Morteza they were interested and did whatever he asked them. His words had a lot of value for them and my words were ignored. That was the Just there? Now I have to listen blames of my son, and my family. One day my boy, my poor boy, my beloved boy and son was so badly influenced by the people, that he cried very hard on me and called me bad names and words like your mother was… and yours sister was… and your father was Moslem and had two wives in the same time…which was all the result of the words of my wife and her father that brought my son in that condition. You are a simple man and believe everybody. My little baby with the huge body was like robot which had performed the program which was fed by the father of my wife and her. He cried so loud that the neighbor called the police and after the police came; he was quite and started to apologize and he was very sorry, but later he was again under the pressure of my wife and her father and he was against me again. I know that he was programmed by them, how can a sixteen years old boy speaks these information about my father?


The father of my wife wanted that we should have two marriage certificates, after the Baha’i marriage certificate, he wanted also an Iranian government Islamic marriage certificate. After one year, my son and my wife have worked here in the USA and saved their salaries and ; they had enough money to move out of my house. As I told you; I came to the USA without any money from Iran, I left everything I had for my family in Tehran. Now my wife wanted divorce so she can have everything I have. She had a secret communication with a Persian Medical doctor. And with this communication she builds a palace of dream for herself. She told me that she want to live with the kids one year alone here, until they can adjust themselves with the condition of the USA. And after about one year, she will return. But as a Baha’i; she should live one year without me, so they can divorce her Baha’i marriage certificate. But after she left the house the doctor wrote some love letters for her, which I received. And I know that she cheated me. After one year with the help of local spiritual assembly of the Baha’is of city, she went to the court and cancelled the Baha’i marriage certificate. The so called judge without any consideration of my words; took her side and divorced her. He did not consider all the difficulties I had and supported her side.


We agree to cooperate with each other as we had four children, but she decided differently and bring the police and court in our play. We agreed that we should support each other, but she started to destroy my life. She did not cooperate with me at all. I bought the house for them, but now the interest was lowered and she was not willing to sign the paperwork which I needed to get lower interest. And told me; you lost so much, so it is OK to lose more? You are so simple that everybody cheats you, so you are born to lose, so to lose more is OK. And she trained and brain washed the children against me also. Now I have a five bedrooms house for myself alone. She also say bad words about me to other people, so my American friends, Persian friends and Baha’i friends all took distance with me, because of her back biting. Everybody, whom I traduced to her, had now a negative attitude against me, because of her negative words against me. As a married woman she had contact with love letters to a man, which was secreted from me. Now she wants to make herself an innocent woman and made me as an evil man. She said before that your sister is evil, now she pointed her blame on me. And she was friendly and warm with my sister. Now she wanted to destroy my life only. She saw that the system is indifferent and the Baha’i national and local assembly did not care about my situation, so she thought she is allowed doing whatever she can against me. She wanted to make me a very poor needy man. I went to Tehran as her father told me that the tenants do not the rent.


 Her father took all my nice furniture, Persian carpets of Tabriz and Kashan which were very nice and expensive. I bought each of them over four thousand dollars in the past. I had at least ten carpets made by the Persian government carpet company. I had gold, as the Iranian money had a high inflation rate, so my saving was in gold, silver and carpets. All of them were taken by her father with my collections of gold watches of Sarcar, Omega and Rolex. I had also a collection of old guns and air guns and Persian handicrafts. All of them were taken by him. And maybe were sold by him, whatever he could not sell stored them in the basement, the machine carpets and Kalim were destroyed in the wet basement. I had there also cheap things like china , a lot of books and sleeping materials. He told me cruelly that I should first take them, after that he will give the documents of my house. All my material for teaching, cassettes and videos were destroyed; most books were damaged. He said as long as I do not take the materials, he will not give me the documents. He gave me some silver and two gold watches. May be he did not know that they are also valuable. I was forced to hire a trailer and take all materials to Karaj to my brother’ house, so he gave me back the documents of my house. I had also to hire an attorney to send the tenant out of my house. He did not care about my house, but her daughter house was rented to nice people who paid the rent.


But he let the people in my house do not pay the rent. So in this way he revenged. Nobody even does these things with his enemies. I thought they will help me and I will have my family back, but they had other thinking. No clever parents will destroy their children families? They contacted me like they contact a leper’s person. So unfriendly and so indifferent, I went to them in a friendly way, but they received me with hate and ignorant. That was their daughter who had a secret friend, not me. But I have to be punished for the mistake of their daughter. They tried to destroy my wealth and my reputation totally. They tried to poison around me and make the people against me. They took and destroyed my capital or let the other people destroy and take. They were so hot that they did forget we have another marriage certificate. Now after eight years they realized that we are legally married. Which it can be solved only in an Iranian court system. She will take all my wealth plus all my children. They tried to damage me as far as they can. She let my first boy be free and eats whatever and however he can, so as a young man, he is too heavy so I heard that he cannot walk properly anymore ,and she does not let him to contact me, so we can cooperate and solved this problem. In this time that I am over fifty years old and worked as a college and high school instructor and teacher for thirty years, I have not even one dollars of my own.


 Whatever I have belong to the banks. As you know in the USA ;there is now something like deflation and the price of real state is artificially down, so the people will lose all their down payments. In Iran I lost my capital because of inflation and here because of deflation. I have a huge house for elderly people, but my loan to the banks is more than the buildings value. So I have reality just negative money. And now they want the Islamic government divorce. She will take everything from me all my wealth plus all my children. So all my work and money I spent for the elderly house, has gone. In Tehran Morteza destroyed me by using the inflation ;that the interest is not good in Islam and here by deflation of the price of houses I lost the rest of my capital. In Tehran I was destroyed by using the name of Baha’i for me. And here I have to suffer because they said I am Moslem and I am against Jude and I am a Nazi and a fundamental Moslem so, in both countries I should lose? So they misuse my situation and handle me like a leper’s man. In Tehran six years ago, they did bad things with me and say unfriendly words to me. And they destroyed my wealth. Also those Baha’is who have so many suffers in Iran and are persecuted so unjust, other people suffered and they do the same to me.


 Two hundred of them were executed so unjustly, and they damaged my life why? May be as a half Moslem I should have suffer from both sides? I could not imagine that the people of my mother religion be so hard, unfriendly and cruel to me. Mona the angel of Shiraz will walk to execution place and take the rope and kiss the rope and put the rope around her childish neck and is killed so cruelly as a child in Shiraz and hanged up with her nice cute childish neck and shakes her feet , hands and body so long until she died completely, and her other Baha’i people destroyed my life and wealth in a cruel way, too. Mona Mahmudizad and nine other angels of Shiraz are killed in a very cruel way, but they sing songs and accepted that cruel death with joy and love for people. They loved people and let the people kill them, without be angry with them. She kissed her rope, as she would also kiss the hands of her executer. So much love and forgiveness are performed by these ten young women and girls who were Baha’is. But the families of my wife with the same religion were completely different. So everybody get confused.


 I do not know what to do. I give love and get hate and damages back. I helped my friend; he tried to destroy my life and did whatever he could against me. I trusted my sister; she was not friendly with me. Morteza robbed other people after he did with me, but these people were strong and put him in prison until he died. No the army of judges and police could not support him anymore. He made my life black and let my money for his children. Baha’is and Babis and Bayanis were killed so cruelly and unjust, but the rest of them are doing the same cruelties to the other people? Like Morteza who damaged my life, they do the same thing, there is not any differences between them. So I can only trust God and will ask His mercy to deal with so many cruel and unjust people. I hope one day we will love each other and help each other and make the life easier for each other and we let cruelties and unjust and robbing by side and forget about hate, but think only about Love and Unity.

Your Amir

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