A question for JJ

Mr Javid, since you are privileged in being one of the most public non-Bahai chest-beaters for the Haifan Baha’i organization in the whole of cyberspace, I wonder if you would indulge a little and disclose what you actually know about this creed. For starters, how many books by and about Bahaism have you read? Could you please list these books and their authors? What historical studies have you looked at? Are you, for example, familiar with the pre-revolutionary articles and monographs of Muhit Tabatabai? Have you looked at the studies of British orientalist E.G. Browne? How about those of Husayn Ayati, Fazlullah Sobhi or William Miller? What Baha’i scriptures and writings have you read in full? Have you read Mirza Husayn ‘Ali Baha’u’llah’s Kitab-i-Aqdas? If so, what are your views on the ordinances enunciated in that book? For instance, what is your feeling about those Baha’i laws which state arsonists should be burned alive, thieves branded, murderers killed, etc? What is your feeling about Baha’i inheritance laws where non-Bahais do not inherit from Baha’i kin or that boys inherit more from their parents than girls? Furthemore, what are your views about the nature of Baha’i authority which claims the Universal House of Justice to be infallible and immune from all  sin and error? Finally, why are your explicit instructions as the webmaster of this site being overtly disrespected by the Baha’is  here when you have politely asked one Baha’i blogger publicly to refrain in the future from posting single quote blogs? 

I look forward to your response. Feel free to add anything else.


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