Reversing 79

Monday’s nationwide Student Day protests in Iran with participation of more than just the students are reported to be continuing. It takes incredible bravery and determination for people from all walks of life to come out and face armed to the teeth Islamist Rapists with proven record in torturing, raping and murdering protesters in cold blood.  

The additional striking aspect of the protests is the slogans used all over the country. Slogans being the only public barometer of depth and unifying strands speak of aim and desires different than those pronounced by the self designated “Green Movement” spokespersons popping up all over the place. 

It seems the desire best encapsulated in the slogan demanding an “Iranian Republic” which was quickly and specifically dismissed by the much advertised to be “leaders” of the protests was foretelling of aims the  “Green Movement spokespersons” continue to dismiss out of hand. On many occasions the advertised “leaders” of the protests, in no uncertain terms and as clearly as humanly possible, have said their aim and desire is to preserve the Islamist system.   

It is therefore quite understandable for the protest slogans to aim and target the icon of the Islamist part of the Republic, that being the current Head Rapist “Supreme Leader” Khamenei and his predecessor the Head Butcher Khomeini.

What is playing out in Iran is simply more than just the desired tweaking of the current system by the ultimate Islamist insiders, a former eight year Prime Minister, a two term President and a former Speaker of the Islamist Parliament. There is a groundswell of grassroots-desire and determination for total transformation way away from the Islamist Rapist Republic and toward a Western oriented model.

The sooner the sane world gets the message, the sooner it can get off the fence backing the people who are fighting for more than themselves, the future of the entire region is riding on the outcome of  this epic battle.  Once you see people from all walks of life braving such naked Islamist barbarity, it does not take much wisdom on whom to place your bet on.  


Before it is too late and the nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists by instigating a cataclysmic war change everything, the sane world has to openly help the brave Iranian people with moral and material support to fulfill their much paid for vaunted desire of having inalianable human rights, rule of law, transparency and accountability, in short, Democracy. Time is of the essence.

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