Go fly a kite!

In case there has been a smallest of doubts about what my agenda is, should my constant commenting on other articles and blogs and as of recently writing blogs has not made it clear enough and with my command of the English languaage being not good enough for the Persian Shakespeares out there some have not gotten my point, here it goes in the clearest way that I know how to say it:

1- I believe IRR; the Islamist Rapist Republic is innately unreformable.

2- I am convinced by the mountains upon mountains of incontrovertible evidence that in suppressing dissent the Islamist Rapists will stop at nothing.

3- The behavior of Islamist Rapists has shown me in implementation of their brutality they have no moral barrier, no line that they will not cross.

4- To my mind and eyes, Iranians make the bulk of IRR victims and are treated as subhumans  by them.

5- Every morning that I wake up, I know during my sleep IRR has tortured, raped, maimed and murdered some more Iranians. 

6- The Islamist Rapists are after nuke, I neither buy their demonstrably lying explanations or that of their nuke lobbies or the gulibility of those who think they can simultaneously detest an Anti-Iran regime but out of some weird sense of patriotism be pro nuke while these innately Anti-Iranians are in power.

7- Aside the paid ones, all those who advocate “dialogue and diplomacy” without enumerating their solution to rid Iran and Iranians of this unreformable murdering Islamist Rapist Republic in all its forms–are knowingly or unknowingly helping the Islamist rapists’ survival.

8- I equate the messianic Islamist Rapist Republic to Nazis, they were unreformable and hellbent on disaster which they imposed on the German people and the world, these Islamist Rapists are following the same path.

9- Given the above and many unsaid other ones; my agenda is the overthrowing of this Anti-Iranian IRR.

Being fearful Islamist Rapists taking it out on my extended family in Iran more than they already have  I use a pseudonym.

Therefore, I, Fred, an Iranian national am after the overthrow of the Islamist Rapist Republic by any means necessary short of war, but know if it is not overthrown by Iranian hands, war it will be. That is why the airtight sanctions and asking of the sane world to wake up and openly provide moral and material support to the Iranians to overthrow the regime. That is why time is of the essence.

Now those who don’t like my opinion, have problem with my beliefs or detest my solutions have choices to make. Continue with their personal attacks which if they might have noticed do not bother or deter me. Come up with alternative suggestion on how to overthrow the Islamist Rapists and not just the strike fund and anti-riot gear slogan nonsense. Or as far as I’m concerned they can go fly a kite.


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