Iran’s NSP predicts economic collapse, then political implosion

NSP is the National Security Panel, they gather& crunch data independently, and give reports to Expediency and NSC.

ITEM: NSP estimates the Government will run out of resources by next month, regime imploding within 60-90 days.

ITEM: NSP asks Expediency council to enact emergency regulations allowing a peaceful transition by unseating (cont)

ITEM: Around 10% of Iran’s population are with regime (IRGC/BASIJI/Officials) & 70% against regime. (Expediency’s Statistics office).

ITEM: The Ministry of info has become dysfunctional after replacing 200 directors, 800 senior analysts & staff with IRGC Intel & Basijis

People say these statistics sort of explain why R. doesn’t care for “Unity plan” anymore. He knows it’s too late. The regime has committed too many horrible crimes thereby alienating too many — including a large percentage of people who once supported it and voted for Ahmadinejad.

SOURCE The report apparently hasn’t been made public and I suspect the regime will do everything to suppress it. The info provided here apparently came from a leak and was provided by MikVerbrugge who seems to have had access to inside sources. At least some of his stuff has proved accurate in the past. What I’ve posted here appeared in the responses section to an article about Rafsanjani and the unit plan. The posts from Adam there speculating on Rafsanjani’s motives in saying “if the people no longer want us, we must leave” are especially interesting in this context.

If the government is that deep in economic troubles, I’m sure the costs of paying Basilj and other volunteers to constantly crush street demonstrations isn’t helping. Already many workers haven’t been paid for weeks or months and when they speak up, the regime jails their spokesmen. When the crisis hits, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a general strike. There have been unconfirmed rumors that Khamenei, who reminds me so much of Romania’s Ceaucescu, has been making pressures for departure in event of such a collapse. Like Slobodan Milosevic, he’d couldn’t expect to remain free in Europe or the West. I guess his best bet would be Russia or Venezuela, though it’s unlikely the Chavez regime will last for years.…

A few months back, MikVerbrugge leaked a an alleged preliminary report from the Iranian parliament looking into crimes against prisoners. Though I’ve seen nothing about that since, you’ll have to judge for yourself whether MikVerbrugge was inaccurate or whether he described the findings accurately and they were subsequently suppressed. The findings name names and may be pretty scary bit given what we’ve learned of the regime’s behavior since–including some of the men specifically mentioned–it is highly plausible.


Insider : on the Independent Truth finding report

Interim report of Majlis Independent Truth finding committee (Larijani’s committee, not the National Security Coucil’s) is devastating for Coup. Shocking revelations. Ali Larijani is being briefed on it today.I assume that the most horrifying parts will be classified & only reported to Majlis, leadership committee, Government Officials as well as Expediency & Experts.

  • The number of dead/abducted is estimated around 400 & rising.
  • Arab mercenaries role proven.
  • Systematic rapes proven.
  • Radan personally involved. (see below)
  • Taeb personally involved. (see below)
  • Ahmadinejad personally involved.
  • Yazdi personally involved.
  • Janati personally involved. Covering up.
  • Fadayi personally involved. he was in charge of Kahrizak and an interrogator (testimonies of victims). He reported directly to Ahmadinejad.
  • Mojtaba’s role is very much visible in findings. All roads end at Leader’s Camp at desk of Mojtaba & Vahid.

An Article 90 Commission needs to be activated to indict & investigate Government members, and remove their diplomatic immunity for Judiciary to prosecute. It may also be dealt with as treason, which would be prosecuted by a Military Tribunal.

Many victims & police officers have made affidavits indicating Taeb & Mortazavi have raped & tortured prisoners. Same goes for Fadayi and Radan. The committee has hundreds of interviews with victims that independently confirm the same events took place all over Iran. Medical examinations leave no doubt about rape & torture. Numerous medical reports and Doctors’ affidavits are in file. More than 50 witnesses.

One affidavit reads: “Then Sardar Radan came in & said go get these these boys pregnant, so they know what we do with revolutionaries.”

Taeb is only know to have raped Taraneh Mousavi. (Policemen testified) Taeb’s brother in law is related to a Taraneh Mousavi who lives in Canada. When Taeb was screening the list of detainees, he saw her name and immediately ordered her delivery.Then he realized that the girl was not his relative. Guards say that they had to leave the room, and heard her screaming and asking for help while Taeb yelled and beat her. After 30 minutes or so, Taeb had her removed from his room and told guards to send her to “Special Treatment Room”. Guards realized that she was beaten and raped, her clothes torn. The Special Room is where they have their specialists rape people. Taeb also issued her Death fatwa, ordering special team to kill her when they’re done.

What has happened is just unbelievable. It is a lot worse than rumors so far. Rumor is one thing, but official investigation with proof is another.

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