A Preacher and a Sly!

The long road slipped

on a patch of frozen time

I hit a moving memory

The pain saw the crime

It took me in

Sat me in the back seat of the regret

In between a priest and a silly vagrant

The preacher’s hand on my shoulder

Tapping my virilities

Asking me to listen

Challenging my abilities

He says my son

Women are your farms

Get there as you wish

Squeeze them in your arms

Start with joking

Asking them hollow questions

The God is watching

You better get on your progression

The vagabond is silent and his silence is violent

But the preacher is still talking my ears are squawking

The god’s man is now

Holding my tow shoulders like a bow

Shaking me to the left and to the right

Asking me if I know, to fuck a woman and how

You come from the top, it’s the lips you start

Then the neck to the ear, but wait don’t you soon depart

A woman is all ears

Tell her something, even though you have to say dear

I turned to see the sly

His head is down I can’t see his eye

He’s shaking his head up and down

I’m puzzled with this strange guy

As he goes on hanging his frill, the sermonizer

Telling me how to be a good ambitious womanizer

After your warm words made her butter flow

Get in between her legs and hers two to blow

Then get on your knees smell her flowers

That’s the scent of the end of the heavenly towers

You know? She is your farm!

You can use your stick, or stick in your tongue

The vagabond yelled in a prompt

His red eyes had me stomped

Then his silence took his head down

Asked me who I am and what have I done

A woman is the god on the ground

She is the one can go head to head with the god with no bound

She is a creator

She is the one who can dangle her feet from the heaven’s sound

If you listen to this fool’s speech in another round

You can have a woman’s body

But will never have her wild soul in your pound!

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