We should love and respect the women. They are part of our body.

The women are important and they are very important. If you have a bad mother, you will be bad. And educated and nice mother can bring nice and useful people in the world and a stupid mother train stupid people for the world. The education of women is more important than even man. People can learn as a child, they are seven years with the mother, before they go to school. In those seven year and educated mother can give a lot of information to the child. The knowledge that you get as a child is like a print on the stone, it stays for ever. Later your teacher are mostly women. I remember still my beautiful lady teacher who taught me in the first grade with love and patient. One time she get my hand in her hand and helped me to go to other side of the street. After so many years I still feel the warmth of her hand and her love. Do you remember that even Mr. Ahamadi Nejad kissed the hands of his lady teacher. The system who wants to humiliate the woman is humiliate the humanity. The woman is with a man just a unit in two different body. We want to protect our women, but sometimes the women specially sister and female close family do not like this protection, they feel that they are controlled by brothers, fathers, uncles too much. They want the freedom. Without our mother we would be nothing. That is the mother who protect us, teach us and train us, and even kill us if she thinks and is sure we will have no future. Like Sohila Ghadirie, because she thinks she cannot help and support her baby.

A friend of mine did not eat properly and tried very hard to train his children as nice as possible. He wore old clothes and his children had new clothes. He gave his food to their children and he did everything for his children. He did not study at the university and he took his children to the USA , because he wanted his children be educated. With the years of sixty he worked as a cook and as a worker almost fourteen hours per day, to pay the costs of his children. He had no penny in his saving and he worked like a machine to pay the costs of his children. He walked to work and bought new cars for his children. His children were fat and study good and all of them had MS or BS from the USA. With a lot of work and a lot of credit, he prepared a nice life for them and he did not even eat properly. He told me he never drank even coca cola as it was expensive. But his son who was at least 300 pound told him, you did not have money enough why you make us , the children, because he compare himself with the rich Americans. So a woman like Sohila knew that she cannot do anything for her baby, so she kills him/her.


Man and women are the two hands of a person or two feet of a person. How can we be against the women. We are born by women, our mother, our daughter , our wife and nice sisters are women. We are connected to woman. We love and need woman. Woman is our love and our goal. The word man comes from Mordan, Mard and the word woman Zan from Zaidan. Without woman we disappear. Even Mohammad told the paradise is under the feet of woman. Woman are important and are beautiful and good. They give us life and joy. Without woman the men are nothing. How can we live without woman. I miss my mother and my… I love woman, even if sometimes they are not friendly and nice. The men who destroy the woman is destroying the life and love.

I would suggest to respect the women in Iran and to support them, all the men should wear woman’ clothes at least one day. The woman are forced to cover themselves, because some men cannot control themselves and see in them just sex. Even a woman fully covered can attract sex desire in a man. The powerful rich men, they want to have all women for themselves so they force them to be covered totally and stay virgin for them? The women should have the freedom to study and find her partners freely. Some women attracted by rich husband and some women are destroyed by men. Sorrowfully many beautiful girls are destroyed by the huge companies as a trap for young boys, to sell their drug and weapons. And these girls are victim also. I know a lot of my beautiful students who run to the trap of these so called big business people, and because they loved money and luxury; have been addicted and misuses by them. This is a man who make them prostitute. A girl without help of a man cannot be prostitute, can she? Most girls they have bad life, because the men guided them in that path. That is a cruel evil system which want the hate between men and women and between races, nationalities and religions. We are all the children of one woman, The EVA and ADAM.

Instead of forcing the women cover themselves, we should force the men to respect them. They are the same as men. Not less and I hope not more. We all owe love to our mother, without her love, we had no chance even to live properly.

To call a man is not insult. As to call a woman a man should not be insult. The important matter is thinking and education and humanity. A nice, friendly, educated woman is much better than an stupid man. Whom do you want to have as a friend? As a close friend? Sometime the women go away from us, if we love them should give them freedom even to go away if they want and not bother them, because we are in love with them, should not force them to love us. That is love if we love somebody just for our satisfaction.

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