Why people have a “beef” with Islam

Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Islam.  Lets face it, the Sunnis outnumber Shia’s 5 to 1.  So Sunnis are the de facto representative of Islam on planet earth.  Iranians the Shia’ reps.

We live in the 21st century.  Just take a look at an example of female broadcasters in Saudi Arabia, a decade into the 21st century:


Iranian TV is not much better.  Isn’t it sad? 

How could Muslim women anywhere (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Syria and many other countries) accept this bull shit and belong to an organized religion which has this view of them?! Islamic view of women which is the life support system for the vagina.

How could Muslim men everywhere accept this for women?!

Thank God for the Iranian women who have resisted the full chador for the past 30 years.  Iranian women have and are doing their part.  SHAME ON IRANIAN MEN

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