There has been a concerted nationwide demonstration by salaried seminarians against the purported disrespect done to the founder of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic by the opposition in Iran.

That the Head Murderer Khomeini is reviled by most Iranians can be substantiated by much ancillary evidence. That Islamist Rapists see the need to galvanize their dwindling supporters by using their holiest of holy icons speaks of the dire straits they find themselves to be in.

Islamist Rapist Republic is facing many enemies, most domestic, and the most lethal are the ones they were hoping to be their finest supporters. The ones who were born and came of age during the Islamist Rapists reign , the ones who have gone through years of indoctrination in all levels of education and the ones who have been fed a steady diet of Islamist propaganda are the very ones who detest IRR the most.

What the Islamist Rapists are witnessing is nothing short of their worst scenario, enemies outside and enemies inside with many within their own ranks.

All these seminarian shows will have as much result as the Head Rapist Khamenei thought his stern warning to people to kowtow or else would have. The Islamist Rapist Republic has lost its last vestiges of Teflon quality and can’t whitewash all the facts of its barbarity no more; every charge sticks to it like crazy glue.

It is time for the sane world to help beleaguered Iranian nation to take matters into their own hands and end this sad chapter in Iranian history.  Before it is too late and the desperate Islamist Rapists impose a cataclysmic war on Iran and the region, open moral and material support alongside airtight sanctions are a must. Time is of the essence.

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