In a speech on Sunday refereeing to the torn picture of the  murderous buzzard Khomeini, his successor, the Head Rapist Khamenei, HRK for short,  told his bused-in Islamist employees to cool it and not get all bent out of shape over the, as he put it, “great sin”.

With this storm in a teacup show Islamist Rapists have started a circus in which the animal acts, high-wire acrobats, clowns and the spectators are all Islamist. The intended audience is the general public crossing Islamist Rapists’ imposed red lines. The supposed opposition “leaders” clamoring to show their everlasting allegiances to the murderous Khomeini can best be understood within this context.   

This is yet another clear indication of where things are heading and why Islamists are so frantically searching their bag of tricks for something to break the momentum of the opposition.

In a few days the Arabic lunar month of Moharam begins when the many religious occasions will give people the needed cover to have gatherings ostensibly for religious ceremonies but given their recent track record it can quickly turn into full blown anti-regime demonstrations.

In the pep talk HRK assured the gathered Islamists that the opposition “lacks any roots” and described the regime as “Godly” prophetically telling them to “stay calm” because the opposition will be “annihilated”.

The Head Rapist said a whole lot of other stuff, from bitterly condemning the “Iranian Republic” and “neither Gaza nor Lebanon, I give my life to Iran” chants to threatening his “former brothers” i.e. the Islamist faction which got the short end of the stick. But the upshot of it all can be summed up to addressing the fed up Iranian nation thusly:

Do you know who you are messing with? This is a “godly” regime you rootless nobodies. All of you will be “annihilated”.

His hand picked show President called Iranian people opposing the regime nothing but “dust and twigs”, his new Commander of Basiji cutthroats warned Iranians that his forces stand between them and the Plain Clothes who “will kill all” and now HRK himself calling people rootless who will be annihilated. Why all the drama over a bunch of rootless dust and twigs?

These tripping, nuke acquiring messianic Islamist Rapists are liable to do that which sane minds can’t comprehend. Before it is too late, to avert a cataclysmic tragedy instigated by these Islamist nuts, Iranian people have to openly be helped with moral and material support to rid the world of this beacon of Islamist menaces. Time is of the essence.

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