He was a kind, gentle, and loving boy; whenever I saw him while picking up my daughter from her best friend’s house, this older brother was home studying hard and so graduated from the Los Gatos high school with honors and at the top of his class.

The San Jose Mercury news story summarizes the fatal police shooting of the 20 years old Los Gatos young man who went from a childhood of a calm, gentle, loving boy through a highly academic achieving high school years, in which the most bizarre turn of events ended him up holding a bank in Redding, Northern California.  

Brandon belonged to a very good, highly educated, successful family; his father the CEO president of a silicon valley publicly traded company and the mother, a dedicated woman to her home & children. It is indeed a mystery as to what happened in the last couple of spiraling downward years to finally cause him to attempt robbery of a bank, point a gun (BB gun) at the police to get shot at with 30 bullets (does police brutality ring a bell?).

Nonetheless, pointing a gun, even a fake gun, at the police is asking for what has been termed as “suicide by police”, a death wish. But, why for a young man who had every thing?!

Family & friends did a private “viewing” on Friday night; his memorial has been postponed until sometime later next month in order to avoid the “media blitz”. To have seen him laid in his casket, all dressed up, so young & handsome, seemed almost as if he was ready for his wedding night. Alas, it was his final good bye to the ones whom had ever known him.

Have you ever walked in the midst of the beauty of autumn rain, when your tears and the rain are united; together as one & the same?!

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