Forget me not


One hot summer day
Leaves sway
Flesh wounds decay
Sweltering sun sails away

To be precise
Life and death
was the price
to pay

One Friday
Like any other day
Shells explode all around
Men fell on the ground
Sky turned yellow-gray

The thirteenth of August,
the deadliest

At about a quarter to three
Gas crawl and creep amply
Geese and teals in frenzy
Weedy marsh moorhens flee
Men pray to God All Mighty

In the afternoon
It’s a matter of death again
A soldier grabs a pen
His mind hazy
His skin itchy
His hand shaky

“I fell in love…”
He begins to say
His mind begins to fade away
His awareness, fray
“Forget me not…”
He wanted to say…


December 22, 2009

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