Nuke-BOMB IRAN’s tyranny, this dirt of shame.

Nuke-BOMB IRAN’s tyranny, this dirt of shame.

Persia (Iran) is now at the most important moments of its life. The evil religion of Islam has been source of so much oppression, suffering and destruction to our home country during last 14 centuries. It took 200 years that Persians/Parsees throw out Ummayad & Abbassid Arabs from our land after the battle of Qadessyeh, but their barbaric and terrorist religion (Satanic Verses) remained. Islam is a source of mind damage to people and is completely incompatible with human rights & democracy. Islamic democracy has never been existed, doesn’t exist, and will never exist. Just look at barbaric STONNING, AMPUTATION punishments and black-cladding of women in current Iran and Arab countries. Mullahs are not Persian, they are bastard sons of rapist Arabs.

Islam was thrown out after just about five centuries from Europe. For example, Greece and Massadonia were under domination of harsh Islamic Osmania (current Turkey), following the fall of Roman Empire, for 500 years till both Osmania and Islam were thrown out at once. During the time, Europeans were forced to convert to Islam and speak Arabic. But Greece, Massadonia and some other dominated Euopean countries finally managed to kick out Islam and restore their own cultures, civilization, their own religion (Christianity), their own language and handwriting, and democracy began to flurish once again in Europe.

How humans can stand seeing images of STONNING of an uneducated and poor Persian villager woman (while buried to her shoulders, handcuffed in the ground) who was punished to death by STONNING under Islam Shariyah-law in Iran for adultry? Why instead of these barbaric treatment of our innocent villagers and poor, they don’t educate and teach poor to avoid such social problems? Are the offense done by these poor villagers worst than IRI’s theifs, criminals and murderers who were never punished for their crimes? Until when the world should stay neutral and watch Islam slaughter humankind and repeat 9/11 again and again, and the next one a nuclear/biological 9/11 using mini-bombs, then the world come to this point that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and give a FULL AND FINAL END to the evil of Islam?

Persians need to wake up after all these 14 centuries, as now with the help of Israel and Western superpowers, we have the ONLY CHANCE to throw out this Satanic dirt from our mainland, land of Cyrus the Great and the Great prophet: Zoroaster.

So i repeat to Persian nation: this is the only and probably the last chance. Until the evil of Islam is in our land, our life is: dictatorship, political repression, cultural terror, crime, robbery, bribery, immoral society, heroin/opium narcotic drug addiction, islamic prostitution (Sigheh) & insult to our women, poverty & high inflation, high unemployment, no human rights, etc.

Now we need to save whatever have remained from our culture and history before it is too late. Hope everyone understand that our cultural heritage sites are irreplacable (Don’t get surprised if one day Mullahs bomb our Parsapolis and other heritage sites). We need to return to our roots and our kind & humanistic religion: ZOROASTRIANISM. We need to restore the direct link to PERSIA, just before fall of Sassanid Empire, and re-continuation and RE-BIRTH of a glorious civilization once again.

Burn The IRI’s flags of shame and big insult to Parsis and Parsa, as these flags are smeared by filthy words: referring to terrorist and murderous God of Arabs. Like brave Kaveh-e Ahangar, Babak and Mazyar rise ONLY the Eagle-flag of Cyrus the great, Empror of Parsa. Islam will be slain by its first massive victims of history: Parsees /Persians.

Pour weapons in the hands of Persians and throw whatever FIRE you can at this thousand-head evil snake of 1400yrs old. Victory is near…

God bless Israel, the Savior, God protect Israel and people of Israel, God bless America, the Savior,

Death to Satanic Cult of islam and barbarism, Islam go to hell, Islam go to hell, Islam go to hell,

Wishing you a very happy & merry Nouroz, & CHRISTMAS forward…

Rustam-e-Farrokhzad Persian Warrior

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