Knowing opponent’s weakness in a fight, any fight, is priceless. Most often than not when such knowledge is put to good use victory, at times sooner than expected, is achieved.

In the ongoing epic struggle between Iranians and their deadly nemesis, IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, the enemy’s weakness has been certified by none other than itself.

The purported leaders of this summer’s mass demonstrations against the “stolen votes” quickly lost control of stage managing the direction people began to take. The earliest sign of this came when the chant of “Iranian republic” without the usual prefix was frowned upon by the “leaders of the Green Movement”.

Further evidence of how accurate people on the ground have been in identifying the most vulnerable aspect of their tormentors is steadily piling up.

Not only the Head Rapist Khamenei has publicly admonished Iranians for continuing the “Iranian republic” and “neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life for Iran” chants, the Friday prayer leaders nationwide have been at it to. So have other fat cat Islamists who know what has the best chance of putting a screeching stop to their gravy train.  

It seems unlike the strayed revolution of 1979; this time around the rallying cry is well thought out, all inclusive, liberating and modern, an Iranian republic.

The sane world would do itself a world of good to openly back Iranian people in achieving their democratic aspiration, the alternative is putting up with messianic Islamists with nuke.



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