Helping the good guys

A whole lot of information can be gotten from even a quick look at the pictures of the newest batch of demonstrations by Iranians against IRR, the Islamist Rapist republic.

From their clothing it can be surmised that all socio economical levels are well represented. The secular, religious, very young, very old and all ages in between can be seen among the demonstrators. It can further be witnessed that many red lines having been crossed by too many people too many times in too many cities and towns, there is no turning the clock back.

Like it or not, ready for it or not, it seems all sectors of society have begun to coalesce demanding a major change.

As far as the sane world and their worries about IRR’s nuke is concerned the many years of failed policies of carrot and stick, carrot without the stick, talk of just the stick and other foolishnesses have not and by most probability will not ever bear fruit.

By putting their life on the line the brave Iranian people are presenting the best solution to the existential threat poised by nuke acquiring messianic Islamists. The sooner the sane world realizes that this is no controllable movement the cheaper the cost in Iranian blood and the sooner return of stability to the region will be. 

At this juncture cutting a deal with the Islamist Rapists will be the epitome of irresponsibility.  Airtight sanctions combined with unrelenting moral and material support to the democracy wanting Iranian people will tip the scale quickening the overthrow of the beacon of Islamist menaces. Time is of the essence.


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