1953 makeup time

For year in, year out IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic had been hard at work alienating the less outwardly pious Iranians adding them to the ranks of millions of nonreligious, Gnostic, agnostic and the ones from the wrong branch of the official religion.

What the recent events after the death of Hossein-Ali Montazeri has brought to surface making it undeniable is the fact that IRR has also been successful in alienating a good chunk of its base supporters.

When pious Muslim demonstrators in Qom, Kashan, Najafabad, Esfehan and Zanjan are attacked by IRR goon squads, it only proves what many Iranians knew for long, namely,  IRR is neither Islamic nor republic.

This bastardized republic run by Islamist Rapists is in trouble, deep trouble at that, should one were to bet on it not surviving for long the odds are not that unfavorable.

All the appeasements in action like sending secret unsolicited personal presidential letters to the Head Rapist Khamenei asking for friendship at the height of IRR’s sadistic crackdown have emboldened the Islamist Rapists. Or this new talk of Senator Kerry’s trip idea to meet with IRR in Iran at the time when it will be sending the wrong signal both to IRR and the fed up Iranian nation is no less ill-timed and nutty than the secret letters.

The sane world lead by the beacon of democracy should seize the moment to openly and clearly throw its weight behind the democracy wanting Iranians. There are lots of American ideals in Iranians’ dreams; makeup time for 53 is at hand.

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