Opposition Essay Contest: Khamenei is an ideal moral role model for Iran’s children because…

OK.  There is no such essay contest but there should be.  Imagine one of the Grand Ayatollahs whose homes were recently attacked announcing such a contest! 

Like using the regime’s holidays against the coup government it would be so darn clever.  Given the title of such an  essay, which clearly seems to praise the Supreme Leader, how can the regime object without looking foolish.   On the other hand, the regime would clearly understand, like everyone else, that to propose such an essay in the context of today’s events is the most biting satire possible.   Do it!  Will someone please contact one of the Ayatollah victims and suggest it.   My second choice would be Karobbi!  

Oh, how delicious!  Oh, how biting!  Nothing hurts the bad guys as much as satire of this sort. It would be nice if Islam Online could post this on the top of their page with Khamenei’s photo and “Essay Contest” as the header underneath. 

Meanwhile, I invite any and all readers to take a practice run in “the comments section below.   Limit: No more than 500 words. 

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