True Colors

One should be careful of the company one keeps and the proteges one gathers about themselves, for that can define a person’s character and reputation.

To pour cold water on nationwide demonstrations in the wake of the recent passing of an Esfahani cleric, the government would do well to educate the nation and its citizenry about a criminal protege of that cleric, a “nang” named Omid Najafabadi.  About the ascendancy of that criminal to the post of “hakem-e-shar” of Esfahan in 1979, about the untold capital crimes and wickedness that criminal committed in that post over the course of 8 years- including the injustices committed against members of the highly respected Boroumand family (which the government itself has yet to remedy), and about the reasons for which the criminal was finally defrocked, tried and punished.

The government may also wish to explain why 20 years on, it has still done nothing to remedy the injustices suffered by the victims of this aforementioned criminal.

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