The irony is that, in reality, those Iranians seeking to limit the influence of corrupt clergymen in Iran (and in the process the co-incident/necessary lawlessness that has enveloped the country for the past 30 years to facilitate that corruption, courtesy of the likes of Hashemi-Rafsanjani) should be lining up behind and supporting the efforts of lay Muslims such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to uproot that class of clerical parasites and frauds who have been the main source of the country’s misery.  Undermining Ahmadinejad’s push to bring those hypocrites to heel by falling-in behind a “reform movement” that also seems to be suspiciously fueled by and embraced by the worst of the worst of the molla scoundrels trying to save their ll-gotten and undeserved priviledges, is at odds with the stated national objective and desire of reducing the footprint of the clerical hierarchy in Iran’s political landscape.  Foreign countries interested in a stable Iran based on the rule of law would also do well to heed this advice and stop the provocations and destabilization of the current Iranian administration, and instead should actively engage and butress it.

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